Companies must smarten up and retain their best #MoneySense


Steve Jobbs is a legend (#Apple).

One time he said something like “why do you hire the best people and then proceed to tell them what they should do.  They should be telling you what to do”.  Ahem to all the companies which insist on hiring only the graduates in 5% tops.  You get the cream of the crop.

Go ahead and micro manage them because there are other companies keeping an eye on them and will poach your best.

I believe in equipping people for their jobs and I strongly believe that companies must keep their people learning continously.  Canada has Ongoing Learning for most companies who recognise why continous learning is important for survival.  Training your employees buys you Goodwill and Loyalty.

All the companies I have ever worked for had budgets for training the employees yearly.

Then comes in Richard Branson.  “If you train your employees, they might leave.  But supposing you do not train them and they stay!”.

Most people who are up to speed know that training is costly for the employer.  It can run up to 40% of your salary so people must always evaluate all the benefits because training is crucial and you can put it on your CV for the next job or in case your company downgrades and you lose that hot job.

Perhaps the biggest problem still remains what Jobbs talked about.  “Why hire the most brilliant and then micro manage them?”.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

I have an IT and Business background.  I have only worked for oil companies since school.  My opinions are only mine and do not reflect on any company I have ever worked with.  I had also previously worked in Hospitality when I was in school.  Marriott which also trained yearly.  BITE!

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