Comedy as Besigye witness cop disowns own testimony as a lie  


Omwito testifies in court

There was drama in court Wednesday when a police witness produced by state to pin Kizza Besigye confessed that his earlier statement was not true.

Besigye is accused of disobeying police orders and using Mulago roundabout on his way to Najjanankumbi for prayers back in May this year.

Police Constable Brian Mark Omwito told Kasangati Chief Magistrates Court presided over by Fred Egessa that the statement he recorded after the arrest of Besigye in Kampala was not true.

Omwito told court he was trained in evidence gathering at the Prime Minister’s Office in 2012 and belongs to the Tactical Support Unit of the Police Field Force Unit.

After a comic testimony by ASP Sam Bamuzibire last week which failed to pin Besigye to the crime, prosecution opted to produce a video which was showed to the court today.

The states presented ASP Ivan Ndyabahika, a police computer scientist to play a video yet his affidavit wasn’t filed.

Omwito told court Besigye was blocked by police because he was standing in the open roof of his vehicle.

Real drama started when Mr. Ernest Kalibala, Besigye’s lawyer, decided to cross-examine Omwito who claims to have recorded the video using “a red video camera”.

The dialogue:

Kalibala: Is there any law that bans one not to stand in your own open roof car?

Omwito: No.

Kalibala: Was there stoning?
Omwito: Yes

Kalibala: Did you hear KB command someone to throw stones?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: Was it done by Dr Besigye?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: Is there any law or court order that bars KB from moving through Kampala town?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: Is there a law that stops people from going to church while standing?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: Is there a law that stops KB from receiving money from his people?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: Is there laws that stops people from becoming happy when they see KB?
Omwito: No


Omwito at work

Kalibala: Is there a Law that bars KB from raising the two fingers?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: Is there a law that bars KB from going through Wandegeya?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: can you confirm that Dr.Besigye was not driving?
Omwito: Yes, I can confirm because he was standing
Kalibala: Can you also confirm that he is the only one who was arrested and charged.

Omwit: Yes
Kalibala: Don’t you think police officers are supposed to be courteous?.
Omwito: No
Kalibala: Are police officers supposed to be rude?
Omwito: No
Kalibala: What was Afande Bamuzibire response when doctor asked him if he knew where he was going?
Omwito: He replied that he did not want to know.
Kalibala: In your written statement, you say there was stone throwing and towing him to Nagalama was ordered.
Omwito: Yes
Kalibala: Why are those incidents not showing in video? Can you confirm the video is edited?
Omwito: No, its not edited
Kalibala: So can you confirm that the written statement you recorded is telling lies?
Omwito: For now

[Magistrate cuts in]
Magistrate: did you understand the question?
Omwito: No
Magistrate: was the video edited or not?
Omwito: No, but it doesn’t have everything
Magistrate: If the video is not edited can you confirm that throwing stones, towing the car and dispersing the crowds is a lie?
Omwito: Yes
Magistrate: You were stating lies?
Omwito: Yes
Magistrate: did the driver commit any crime?
Omwito: Yes
Magistrate: What offense?
Omwito: Disobeying lawful orders
Magistrate: Was the driver charged?
Omwito: No
Magistrate: Why
Omwito: I do not know, may be my commander can answer that.

After confessing that he lied in his statement, Omwito asked the magistrate to consider the video evidence instead of relying on his false police testimony.

The magistrate adjourned the case to July 1, 2016.

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