Combatants: Col Bikomagu blood is on Nkurunziza hands


Leonard Nyangoma is the creator of the National Council for the Defence of Democracy-Forces for the Defence of Democracy (CNDD-FDD)

Burundi Forces for Democracy coalition has condemned the assassination of the former head of Burundi Staff, Colonel Jean Bikomagu, who was shot in his home in Kabondo Bujumbura on Saturday.

Leonard Nyangoma, the main opponent of the current president of Burundi, Pierre Nkurunziza and founder of the National Council for the Defence of Democracy-Forces for the Defence of Democracy (CNDD-FDD), says the regime as started ethnic killings.

“Indeed, in a space of less than a month, two high-caliber officers, all former chiefs of Staff (EMG) in Burundi, officers and Jean Adolphe NSHIMIRIMANA Bikomagu just been murdered by the same sponsor, The dictatorial and bloodthirsty government Pièrre Nkurunziza,” reads a statement released by Gen. Didier Nyambariza (For the allied Forces).

“The aim of the assassination of the military figures who embodied the two armed conflict fractions (Abomwishamba and Abakomagu) during the civil war is to revive ethnic hatred and encourage Burundian and especially the security forces ( FDNAC, GNP) to split into two opposing ethnic groups.”

Nyambariza alleges that, sponsors of these murders are nothing but “murderers Nkurunziza and his clique (whose brain is Willy Nyimitwe) does not hesitate to propagate falsehoods and divisive to falsely accuse him of wanting to attack Rwanda Burundi while it is the opposite; CNDD-FDD having created and armed a militia composed Imbonerakure and Interahamwe in order to revive an ethno-regional conflict in favor of the dictatorship”.

He rallied nationals and the international community to oppose any ethnic divisions and / or regional spread by the “bloody regime of Nkurunziza” and invited all Burundians to fight together to eradicate “this scourge which, in the space of a decade, the country mourns over three times (65, 88, 72, 93, etc.)”.

Far from dividing us, writes Nyambariza, the assassination of the former chief of staff Jean Bikomagu like Adolphe Nshimirimana must strengthen the spirit of unity of all “Abarundi” when the determination to combat by all how ethnicity and regionalism.

He said the allied Forces for Democracy have resolved to support the leadership of General Godefroid Niyombare (who staged a military coup against Nkurunziza) to “combat and eradicate the dictatorial regime of Nkurunziza”.

“We call on the Burundian people and especially the Forces of the Order of Burundi to hold back and not to yield to these acts of contract killings by Nkurunziza of Burundi to divide.”

“We also recall that the Nkurunziza dictator and his clique of gangsters will no longer be in the legitimacy to govern Burundi from this August 26, 2015 and that from that date the country will be led by the political opposition in CNARED support of all revolutionary forces including the majority of the Burundian armed forces and police.”

He says coalition forces are neither a political party nor an armed force to replace the forces of the order of Burundi (FDNAC, GNP) but combatants from former armed forces (FDD and FNL FAB) without any political ambition and who have temporarily left the government (FDNAC, FDN) to started an armed struggle against the dictatorial regime of Nkurunziza.

“For this, the allied Forces recognize the legal existence of the Forces of the Order of Burundi as they were the result of the Arusha Accords,” Nyambariza adds.

He said the objective of the Armed Movement is to use armed struggle to combat Nkurunziza militia (composed Imbonerakure and Interahamwe elements) supported by a small clique of officers FDNAC / GNP, and to allow the Burundian opposition united currently within CNARED restore true democracy in Burundi.

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