CAR: US stays LRA operation as UPDF pulls out


The United States Elite Forces in the Central African Republic will maintain the search for Joseph Kony, the rebel leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army-LRA rebel outfit despite the pullout of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces [UPDF].

UPDF recently announced that Ugandan troops will return home in October, 2016, ending close to 10 years of the mission to capture Kony.

Army spokesperson Paddy Ankunda says Kony has been weakened and his current position does not warrant UPDF presence in a foreign territory.

LRA, the group that devastated northern Uganda for over two decades, is now estimated to have about 200 combatants down from 800, according to a report released recently by the Washington-based Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative.

Maj. Nathan Broshear, the public affairs officer of the Special Operations Command for Africa says, in a communication to URN, that the withdrawal of Ugandan troops is natural progression since the LRA has been decimated and is no longer a direct threat to Uganda.

He, however, adds that the U.S currently has no plan to alter the operation in CAR.

Speaking on the matter recently, Museveni said Kony is hiding somewhere in the Central African Republic but is no longer a threat.

“We have already punished him. We provide our own safety. We do not depend on you.”

Museveni acknowledged the contribution of the US military in the hunt for Kony.

“But in official meetings with Western diplomats from the US and the European Union, the major issues of our relationships are simply not discussed,” Museveni told a German website Spiegel.

“The topics are on climate change or any other issues they want us to agree with them on. But they never discuss how we could develop an equal relationship. They should stop using pompous orchestrated summits and begin a serious dialogue with small meetings,” he added.


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