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Car bomb kills 9 Somali soldiers


Amisom soldiers in Baardheere town


A car bomb, or truck bomb, also known as a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED), has claimed the lives of nine Somali National Army soldiers Saturday.

A VBIED is an improvised explosive device placed inside a car or other vehicle and detonated.

Amisom confirmed that a VBIED exploded within the SNA training school at the old airport in Kismayo.

Initial reports indicate that nine Somalia National Army recruits lost their lives and six others were injured.

Amisom says two terrorists in the VBIED were killed.

Two suspects have been arrested and are currently being interrogated by Somalia National Security officials.

Three Amisom trainers were also injured in the VBIED attack in Kismayo.

Amisom reclaims town

Meanwhile, Somali National Army and troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), recently liberated Baardheere town from Al Shabaab.

The town, situated in the Gedo region and liberated in July 2015, is an important agricultural centre living up to its name; Baar meaning “palm tree”, and Dheere meaning “tall”; a reference to the ubiquitous palm trees that have grown expansively in the area.

The town is also known as the centre of Islamic scholarship, as it is for agricultural production.

It is at this bridge that the battle for Baardhere was won when AMISOM troops came calling and Al Shabaab experienced a humiliating defeat.

“The bridge is strategic utility for Al Shabab, they are using the bridge to cross over from the other part of town and go east into the regions around Gedo and the Kenyan border towns of Wajir, El-Waq and Mandere, So this is a major crossing point for Al Shabab. Controlling the bridge controls Al shabab movements in Bardheere,” said Colonel Abdirashid, AMISOM KDF Battalion ​Commander in Baardheere.


From Baardheere the terror group controlled food production and collected tax from farming communities to sustain their operations. They also controlled human and motorized traffic at the bridge, turning it into a toll station and a prime source of funds for terrorism activities.

Before its liberation in July, Al Shabaab operated in Baardheere and neighbouring Dinsoor for over eight years, controlling the lives of locals including their movement, methodically killing them in the guise of maintenance of law and order and slowly strangulating their economy methodically.

This choke hold on the two towns also meant they always had the ability to resurrect whenever FGS and AMISOM troops destroyed their capabilities elsewhere.

“Initially when we came over, the locals here were a little bit apprehensive because of the long rule from the Al Shabaab, they were 50-50 in accepting us but now they have seen the profits of us coming over here. Right now, there is a lot of activity going on in town we have a marketplace that is bubbling with activities, we have a livestock market that is going on, we have small entrepreneurship businesses that is coming up and for the first time may be in around eight years, the locals are now able to access television and radios something that was not there when Al Shabaab were in control here,” adds Colonel Abdirashid, AMISOM KDF Battalion ​Commander in Baardheere.

Baardheere is now back in the hands of the Federal Government of Somalia. Residents who had fled the ruthless Al Shabaab rule have started flowing back to their abandoned homes, farms and livestock.

The Baardheere District Commissioner Abdullahi Nur Hassan said, “The populations were under the siege of Al Shabaab, so they are very happy to the soldiers captured this area and they are doing their own business freely. No one is interfering their affairs but we are targeting the enemies hiding inside them and this issue is doing by the police.”

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