Candidate Mabirizi kidnapped, held on gunpoint, beaten


Mabirizi [L] at a rally in Iganga town

Presidential candidate, Elton Joseph Mabirizi, was last night kidnapped from his hotel room, whisked away in a car boot, held in a dark room and thoroughly tortured.

We talked to Mabirizi’s personal aide, Sande Kayiki, who is part of the candidate’s campaign team.

According to Kayiki, together with the female presidential candidate, Maureen Kyalya, Mabirizi traversed Bugiri, Namayingo and Iganga towns yesterday looking for votes.

At around 9pm, his team retired at Super Kiss Guest House outside Iganga town.

The guest house is owned by one of Mabirizi’s mobilisers in eastern Uganda.


“When we woke up at around 6am, a member of our team went to our candidate’s room looking for a phone charger. The candidate [Mabirizi] was not in the room,” Kayiki told us on phone.

“He came and told us but we thought he [Mabirizi] had gone to the loos.”

Kayiki said the group further checked on the candidate at around 7am but never found him in the room.

“Everything was there including his shoes and phones. We went out and contacted policemen who were assigned to guard him.”

According to Kayiki, even the guards were not aware that the candidate was missing from the guest house.

He says when they were still searching around, someone called one of Mabirizi’s phones and told them the candidate was at the chairman LC1’s home.

“It was the chairman of the area who told us that our person was at his place. We found him beaten with muddy clothes and bruised all-over.”

Mabirizi narrates

Mabirizi then told his team that someone knocked on his door in the night and asked: “Mr President”.

“Yes who is it?” Mabirizi replied.

The person did not answer upon which Mabirizi inquired: “Is it you Affande?” referring to his guards.

“Yes, its me Affande,” the voice said, outside the door.

Mabirizi then opened the door thinking he was opening for one of his police guards.

“Someone then grabbed me, put a gun on my head and covered my face.”

He says the unknown person had colleagues who went inside the room and checked the candidate’s bags.

They later dragged him outside and placed him in the car boot.

They drove off to an unknown location.

Mabirizi remembers hearing a gate opening and then a door.

Later, he was in a dark room being beaten and verbally abused by his kidnappers.

“They told me to quit the presidential race,” he said.

He says they [kidnappers] threatened to do the worst if he doesn’t heed their advice.

After the beating, the kidnappers dragged him outside the room and dropped him on the roadside where he was found by LC1 chairperson Bulanga Center, Paul Kapalaga.

He was still in his night gown, putting on sandals.

Police comes in

Those who gathered at the chairman LC1’s house were heard murmuring amidst themselves that perhaps the candidate had sneaked into someone’s house for sexual intercourse and was beaten.

Others insinuated that he was possibly night-dancing while some said he was arrested by police with an under age girl.

His aide denied the allegations.

Kayiki says they even alerted Mabirizi’s colleague in the race Kyalya who came to the scene.

While still at the LC1 chairperson’s home, police came led by DPC Vincent Mwesigye who travelled with two officers.

They took the candidate back to the guest house where he changed clothes.

They then drove him off to Jinja police station to make a statement.

Kayiki tells us Mabirizi is still at Jinja police station.

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