Byanyima: My son is a vegetarian, doesn’t eat burgers


Besigye and son [in front] alight a plane

The executive director of Oxfam International, Winnie Byanyima, says her son Anselm Besigye doesn’t eat burgers as electoral commission chairman, Eng Badru Kiggundu, claims.

Anselm Kizza-Besigye, was born to FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, and his wife, Winnie Byanyima in September 1999.

Besigye and Winnie got married in 1998.

Winnie, a former Member of Parliament for Mbarara Municipality and the first female aeronautics engineer in Uganda, has always stayed clear of Ugandan politics since she joined Oxfam.

She recently denied being partisan saying although she is an opposition FDC member, she never meddles.

“Yes I am FDC and also head of Oxfam which fights poverty and injustice in a non-partisan way.”

Yesterday, Winnie was horrified by a remark made by Kiggundu who claimed that while Besigye preaches defiance messages in Uganda, his family is “enjoying burgers” in foreign countries.


Dr. Kizza Besigye, their son Anselm and Winnie Byanyima attend prayers recently.

“If I were a young person, I would ask [Dr Besigye] where your son is in this campaign. In most times, they are in New York, London and elsewhere enjoying cheese burgers…” Kiggundu said.

“What???” Winnie expressed shock on her official Twitter handle.

“My son is a vegetarian,” she sought to inform the EC boss.

She added: “He [Anselm] doesn’t eat burgers lol!”

In July 2012, Besigye told Capital Gang listeners on Capital FM that his son Anselm, then 13 years, was eager to join the 2011 walk-to-work campaign.

“My son is keen to walk with me,” Besigye is quoted by The Observer as having said.

The riots organised by opposition party activists working under “For God and My Country (4GC)” were protesting hiked food and fuel prices.


Anselm ion return from Jordan in November [Photo by Winnie]

Speaking on the matter, NRM deputy spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, said Besigye would be accused of violating the child’s rights by letting him engage in protests.

Angered by Kiggundu’s remarks, FDC spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, demanded to know whether President Yoweri Museveni went with his family to the bush during the liberation struggle.

“For him [Kiggundu] to think that a revolution must happen when Anselm is here… I do not understand why he [Dr Kiggundu] went to school,” Nganda told Daily Monitor.

Meanwhile, Besigye advised Kiggundu to take him to court if he has broken any laws instead of issuing “unnecessary threats”.

FDC MP and a member of Besigye’s campaign team said: “Sometimes when we say that PhDs are a doom to this country, people don’t understand us. I don’t get surprised when Dr. Kiggundu the EC Boss asks Dr. Kizza-Besigye Wrn to bring Anselm to join this struggle!”

Kaija said Anselm was on the frontline campaigning for his Father when he was in prison in 2005.

Kaija further said Dr. Besigye’s brother Musasizi Sasi Kifefe was killed in the struggle and that his sister Margret has been in exile for years and just came back.

“His other sister Dr. Olive Kobusingye has faced the oppression of the state when she wrote the book ‘The Correct Line’. It’s now evident the EC is an NRM organ. We shall liberate them too.”

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