Bwanika cites bloodshed if Museveni stays




The President of the People’s Development Party, Dr Abed Bwanika, has warned that Uganda could plunge into worse violence than what is happening in Burundi today if President Yoweri Museveni continues to cling onto power.

Bwanika was discussing the state of the nation and how opposition is faring ahead of 2016 elections at NBS TV Morning Breeze show on Monday.

“There is nothing new with president Museveni as he has already used his energies and brains,” Bwanika pointed out, adding, “We need a new leader.”

He said everywhere in the world where politicians have closed doors for democracy, they have always opened doors for violence as is the case with Burundi and South Sudan, to mention but a few.

“Uganda’s case will be worse than Burundi’s,” Bwanika resumed.

“There is likely to be a lot of bloodshed if things are not put right in time.”

He suggested that Ugandans should not hide away from this fact because it is bound to happen.

He noted that a section of Ugandans are either resigned, not bothered with what is happening or just don’t know what is going on.‪

Asked whether there was any chance that Uganda can be better after president Museveni, Bwanika said: “There is no magic in governance other than organized structures.”

As regards his running for Presidency come 2016, Bwanika said: “What Ugandans are worried about me is whether president Museveni will hand over power if they voted me.”

Another question was on whether the likes of Gen David Sejusa and other senior government officials who have fallen out with president Museveni could cause change in this country.

“If Sejusa has what we need in this country, I can work with him,” Bwanika clarified.

Asked whether other political parties that have just joined politics have a proper platform to discuss reforms, Bwanika said going in elections in this current state, would pose a difficulty to change the status quo.

“We should rather postpone the elections for one year and have agreements worked on rather than participating in elections which we are not ready for.”

If we are going to have a credible election in this country, Bwanika continued, we must have an agreed on Electoral Commission that will serve the interests of the people, not just a mere name of Independent.‪

During the 1996 presidential elections, Bwanika supported Yoweri Museveni, but switched allegiance to Kizza Besigye in 2001.

He ran as an independent candidate in the February 2006 presidential election, where he finished in fourth place, with 0.95% of the vote (65,874 total votes).

He again contested the 2011 Uganda presidential elections, under the People’s Development Party, which he had founded and is the current president.

The second-time around, he received about 14,000 less votes (51,708 total votes), garnering 0.65% of the popular vote.

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