Buy “Made in Uganda” and watch Uganda develop


Buy locally grows the economy, retains jobs and helps grow the country.

There is no doubt that Uganda is undergoing some financial issues right now.  With the shilling teasing 4000 on the US dollar, imports are going to become expensive.  Some of you remember that a year ago, the shilling was around 2500 on the US dollar.  The financial report I provided for September 16, 2016 showed the shilling at 3378 on the US dollar.  However, the whole week, it was touching 4000 and then recovering.

Students of economics know that when the currency drops in value, exports become more attractive and imports become more expensive.  If you do not like reading financial charts, then remember that when you buy local, you grow jobs in the country.  Perhaps our big challenge is to convince Ugandans that imported goods are not better than locally made goods.

I have never lived in the situation Ugandans are facing right now with high unemployment and businesses facing a hard time to pay suppliers and their employees. I did learn something though.

At the Moncton Christian Academy in Canada, we had one teacher who always taught life skills.  One time our kid got home and was checking the light bulbs to see where they were made.  CHINA.  She then said “those bulbs are also made in Canada and the difference in cost is 5 cents.  If we keep buying imported, our manufacturers in Canada will go out of business and lay off people and families will lose their houses and not be able to feed their families”.

We now only buy imported if we cannot find Made in Canada.

My challenge for Uganda is for people to justify why they are buying imported yet if they buy locally made things, they will help keep jobs in Uganda.

Common Sense is not common but let us try it.  Buy MADE IN UGANDA before you import.  Keep our businesses in operation by choosing local over imported.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

I have an IT and Business background.  I buy MADE IN CANADA before I buy imported.

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