Burundi police shoots rioters, kills soldier


Protesters hijack a police car


Burundian police is still engaging rioters, fired live ammunition and tear gas in battles currently ongoing in the capital Bujumbura.

The rioters are demonstrating against President Pierre Nkurunziza’s decision to seek a third term in office.

Opposition and civil society led demonstrations returned to the capital on Wednesday with more vigour.

Frederic Bamvuginyumvira, vice president of the opposition FRODEBU party, told AFP that they will not rest until Burundi’s problems are solved.

Police moves from house to house shooting people

Journalists report ugly scenes in Nyakabiga and Musaga districts where police is breaking into houses and shooting demonstrators.


Police clashing with rioters


Sonia Rolley, a journalist working with Radio France Internationale narrates from the scene in Musaga district how police is searching for protesters from house to house and shooting them.

“They were aggressive,” a police officer told Sonia before the military intervened.

She said Police blocked access to the area on one side and issued death threats to the journalists on the other. “The police even threatened to shoot us (journalists) along with protesters,” Sonia reports.

In Nyakabiga district, police is said to have used machine guns and SMG assault rifles against unarmed civilians.

They shot dead a soldier in police before the army pursued them.


Army patrolling


Burundi protesters also retaliated by hijacking a police car in Nyakabiga as the army clashed with police.

The army, however, managed to overpower police and arrest officers (without uniform) suspected to have killed the soldier.

The operation to shoot rioters in Nyakabiga is led by a one Gen Ndakugarika.

The confrontations are still ongoing.

Today, Nkurunziza announced that elections earlier scheduled for May 26, were pushed by a week or so to June citing the electoral commission and calls from the international community.

“No decision has been made as to whether a presidential poll set for June 26 would also be delayed,” the presidency adviser, Willy Nyamitwe, said.

The European Union joined the African Union on Tuesday in calling for a delay to the elections, while South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, according to AFP, said they should be “postponed indefinitely” after a meeting of Africa’s Great Lakes bloc of nations.

But civil society leader Vital Nshimirimana said the delay was not enough.

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