“Museveni must go” riots start in Kampala

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A group of youth earlier today stormed the Ugandan parliament and staged a protest demanding for free and fair elections.

Police at the legislative house was force to fire bullets in air to disperse protesting youths.

The youth refused to budge prompting armed anti-riot police to spray them with pepper gas.

The protesters instead turned more rowdy upon which police arrested them one after the other.

While being arrested, the protesters kept chanting “Free and Fair elections”, something that opposition has been fighting for.

The opposition this year started a campaign demanding for electoral reforms but government “played them” and passed the reforms that favours the sitting regime ignoring proposals made by the opposition.

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The opposition had demanded an independent electoral commission after the likes of David Sejusa and Kizza Besigye made it clear that without reforms, Museveni is already the winner of 2016 general elections.

Besigye had at first suggested boycotting the elections but his fellow opposition leaders dissuaded him from the move saying it would mean handing over the victory to Museveni on a silver platter.

FDC president, Mugisha Muntu, suggested that they disrupt the election and ensure it does not take place unless otherwise.

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Through The Democratic Alliance [TDA] coalition, Besigye gave government an ultimatum for electoral reforms or else he mobilises the population for civil disobedience protests.

It is yet confirmed whether what happened at parliament this morning is part of the civil disobedience Besigye threatened to embark on.

However, the protesters were chanting “Museveni ajagenda” loosely translated as “Museveni must go”.

“We cant allow one person [Museveni] to hold both the yellow and red cards, referee and still participate in the same game,”errant youth shouted while engaging police in running battles.

They promised to do anything possible to ensure government succumbs to electoral reforms before 2016 elections.

[Photos credit NTV]

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