Bulambuli district women to use bedrooms to convince men to vote NRM


On a campaign trail in Bulambuli, Energy Minister Irene Muloni received assurances from women that their men will vote for her and Mr. Museveni in the upcoming elections.

Apparently the ancient tradition of with holding goods in the bedroom can convince men to vote one way or another or simply stop the war.  South Sudan should use this one.

The population of Bulambuli, Bududa and most of Bugisu is very high but here we are promising to make more babies just so we can have more yellow kids in a region that barely has enough food, whose UCE results were horrendous, whose hospitals have no medicine, rife with cholera, no water in health centres, no electricity, pot holed roads, broken bridges, etc..

People who cannot feed their children three meals a day, let alone even one meal are day are not in a position to go around promising to have more kids.  Well, it is not that they say they will make more babies but do you want to go and find out how many of them will be using condoms and how many of these women are on the pill?

Irene Muloni and Mr. Museveni have an obligation to the people of Bugisu to provide services and tell them not to have babies randomly or else, the poverty will continue.

Bona bayavuwale!

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


The writer is from Bududa District

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