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Bududa residents still use makeshift ambulances


A family carries a sick patient on a makeshift ambulance in Bududa

Residents in Bududa district still carry the sick to health centres on shoulders using mattresses as makeshift ambulances.

Bududa is located in Eastern Uganda.

Bududa town is the main municipal, administrative and commercial center of Bududa District; the district was named after the town.

Mrs. Khainza Justine, the Woman Representative of Bududa District, belongs to the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] party.

President Yoweri Museveni has always urged voters to choose NRM members so they can be given the desired services.

During his tour of Bududa villages on Saturday, FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, and his team met a family carrying a sick member on their shoulders.

Four young men are seen in a picture carrying a patient on a wooden makeshift ambulance.

“This family was met by our campaign team in Bukalasi in Bududa district using a make shift human ambulance to deliver their sick to health centers which in itself needs treatment,” Moses Byamugyisha, a youth leader who is part of Besigye campaign team said while sharing the picture.

In 2011, UBOS estimated the population of Bududa at 4,200 people.

Bududa Hospital, administered by the Uganda Ministry of Health, has a total of 120 beds.

Motor bike ambulances

Apart from the makeshift ambulances, the most modern type of ambulances operating in Bududa are motorbikes fastened with an extension of a steel bed which is covered and is adjustable to let the mother lie on her back or sit.

These are used to carry expectant mothers to health centres.

The motorbike ambulances have operated in Bududa for the last four years but don’t seem to rich all the hilly areas.

“These are tragedies that have been the highlights of the people’s president [Besigye] campaigns in remote places in the country,” the FDC youth activist says.

He adds: “The FDC manifestos is premised on citizens empowerment that gives them authority over their elected leaders.”

Besigye to intervene

Besigye who took his campaigns deep in the villages this morning, addressed three gatherings at various sub counties of Bududa district.

Apart from the poor health services, the residents told Besigye the victims of 2010-13 landslides had not been compensated up to date.

In 2013, landslides covered up five villages in parts of Bushiyi Sub-county in the eastern Bududa District, leaving 17 people badly-injured and one missing.

In 2010, landslides flattened villages in Nametsi Parish, burying an estimated 350 residents.

Preliminary estimates showed some 3,000 people were displaced and in immediate need of assistance, although up to 10, 000 of those living on the foot of Mt Elgon required relocation.

Government up to now has not fulfilled its pledge to compensate what they lost, the residents cried out to Besigye today.

At the same rally, a total of 104 dissatisfied NRM members reportedly defected to FDC.

They handed their party cards to Besigye at Bududa Boma grounds officially announcing their defection.




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