Britannia boss: Uganda youth becoming hard to employ  


Dawda, the founder and Chairman of Britannia Allied Industries


Mr. Hasmukh Dawda, the founder and chairman The House of Dawda group says Ugandan youth in particular and youth in general worldwide, are becoming too problematic to employ.

The House of Dawda group was established in 1962 with the inception of a small trading activity in Kenya but later expanded in East Africa including Uganda.

Dawda was Thursday addressing press on the question of increasing youth unemployment in Africa at the offices of Britannia Allied Industries Ltd located along stretcher Ntinda in Kampala.

The press briefing was in preparation of his lecture on the same subject scheduled for tomorrow, Friday at the Pan-African Live Debate held at Fairway hotel and modulated by Andrew Irumba.

“Youth are becoming a problem. It is hard to be employed them because they have no patience to do what they are employed to do,” he pointed out.

Dawda argued that the problem was not just unemployment but youth were becoming the problem instead.

“There are so many jobs that can cover all the unemployed youth out there but no one wants to work. Instead of being part of the solution, the youth are becoming part of the problem.”

Dawda who has worked with youth all over the world says he was shocked when he went to India and was told there were 60,000 jobs for the youth but no one was ready to take up the jobs.

He said the same happened in Kenya where he was building toilets and cleaning up Kibera slum, the largest in the region.

“The youth were there seated, folding hands across their chests or playing cards where we were looking for volunteers to do the work. These were their own homes we were cleaning, we even promised them money, food and transport but none was willing to work.”

Dawda said the experience was no different from Uganda.

“I see my own employees here at Britannia. We have to first orient them and encourage them but still the results are no different. They are impatient, they have a negative attitude towards work and want quick gains,” he noted.

“They want quick riches, they want to be noticed and recognized as important, sometimes more important than their own bosses.”

He told a story of youths who are connected to him for jobs by Members of Parliament and other top government officials saying these one want to appear even more important than the parliamentarians themselves.

“You see someone whose parents have sold a piece of land to educate struggling to buy expensive gadgets or other luxuries from the salary he/she gets. Worse, when you give them a job to do, they only think of quickly attaining a social status.”

He said whenever he meets parents, they ask him to educate their children at university but when he meets the children themselves, they don’t even know why they want to get a degree.

“Only 10% of the youth I have met know why they want a degree. Most of them can’t even write two lines explaining to you why they want a university education.”

According to him, the root cause of unemployment ranges from family moral values, negative attitude, laziness to impatience and lack of focus.

He entreated media to be part of the solution finding agents by reporting positive stories.

He further suggested that government in its ventures to end unemployment should consider youth’s abilities and interests so as to get them involved in the working environment.

This, he argued, was because while the jobs were there in plenty, most of them did not interest youth, the reason why when they are employed, the fail to do the assigned work.

Britania Foods (U) Ltd., a modern fruit and vegetable processing unit blossomed into existence in mid 1995.

The Indian food-products corporation based in Kolkata, India, has an estimated market share of 38% and manufactures and sells biscuits, bread, rusk, cakes and dairy products.

The company employees over 1,000 Ugandans in both casual and collar job categories.


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