Britain cannot survive without Europe, says Rwanda opposition chief



On behalf of myself and my party the Rwanda People’s Party (RPP), we wish to congratulate the British people on their recent historical Referendum on membership of the European Union.

We would like to congratulate Hon. Boris Johnson and Hon. Nigel Farage the heads of the Brexit campaign, and their team’s successful campaign for Britain to regain its sovereignty and its voice.

It is our resolute to believe that, the ultimate winner is not the Brexit campaign in this contest, but the British people and British democratic values.

My party and I wish both the UK and the EU a prosperous and peaceful future. We believe the Referendum was not about choosing an anti-European or the Far-right Nationalist path in Britain, but rather about respecting the rights of the UK people and honouring the democratic wishes of the British people. Britain cannot survive without Europe and Europe cannot survive and be prosperous without UK.

Henceforth, they will always be a very good relationship between them and they will continue to be members of the same family of nations. There is no doubt to believe, that Britain, the former Imperial power has been marginalized, by the EU in the international political arena.

This is probably what mainly influenced the UK to leave the EU. The typical example was when the UK was humiliated by having no say or input in the Ukraine Peace Agreement, and yet London was one of the main supporters of the Ukraine Maidan Square Protests.

The EU has changed dramatically since the UK voted to join the organization in 1973. The British felt that the EU was becoming too great an influence in their country. The EU has not been sensitive to its members needs for many years.

This is evident in the way that it placed unnecessary pressure on Greece during its economic and debt crisis. Then there was the misguided interference in the Irish referendums on closer EU integration and a single currency.

The RPP and I wish also to congratulate David Cameron, the outgoing Conservative leader for being a fine Prime Minister for the past 6 years and also for fulfilling his promise to give the great people of the UK the right to vote on EU membership.

He showed great dignity in the aftermath of the failure of his campaign to “Remain with Europe” and in his resignation speech. Mr. Cameron will be remembered as a courageous and distinguished statesman and leader.

The RPP welcomes the decision of the British people and calls on the EU to respect their decision and start working on a Special Preferential Relationship for the UK, that it accorded to the EES nations (Norway and Switzerland), rather than penalizing Britain for their democratic decision.

The RPP hopes, the EU now will institute the much-needed reforms to meet the needs of her people.

May God Bless Great Britain and the European Union.

John V Karuranga, President Rwanda People’s Party (RPP)

Twitter @rppimvura Skype: John.Karuranga

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