Brain is the new sexy

In BBC’s remake of Sherlock Holmes, we see the brain coming into play.

What us as parents need to do is give women and girl child the power of education.

Girls can do very well in the world, in politics, in corporations and generally make better leaders.

Growing up in a country which does not respect women and girl child was quite the shocker for me.  Until I came to Canada and then I was just referred to as Martha Leah.

Uganda has a tendency to put women down and ignore the rights of young girls and often forcing them into early marriages.  Which marriages are illegal anyway under the laws of Uganda.

President Museveni has tried to work on this but the parliamentarians are sleeping piggies.  Most even have their own daughters but would they put them up for sale into slavery (read sex trade)?  Never.

What the next president of Uganda has to do (besides the debt issues, poverty and unemployment) is to not only pay lip service to empowering women but to act on it.

The beauty of a democracy that works is that you can vote for your candidate.  VOTE RIGHT.  Vote for change.  Real fundamental change.

Put your daughters on a pedestal and call them MAMA.  Girls have much to contribute so do not steal their future and marry them off young.

An educated woman is great for the economy and the world.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


The writer is a mother of 3 daughters.  All of them well educated or in progress to it.  Looks are no longer the issue when it comes to women.  The Brain is where it all happens.

Find me on Google, Facebook and all social media engines.  The names are the same.

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