Bobi ignores MAMA loss but Bebe still abuses haters


Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool

Many Ugandans were waiting for what Bebe Cool nemesis, Bobi Wine, would say after the latter failed to win an MTV award in South Africa.

The two were locked in a war of words a few weeks ago when Bobi asked his fans to vote for Bebe.

In turn, Bebe bashed Bobi’s fans saying they were “naïve and ignorant” and asked them not to waste their time voting for him because he never wanted them to.

Yet after losing the award, Bobi ignored him saying “all of you are waiting for what I will say but am only here to advertise my concert at One Love Beach Busabala, Kankomewo (let me comeback).”

Bebe still abuses

Although Bobi kept his silence, Bebe still lashed out at haters.

“Some few small minded Ugandans arr funny, I see them jubilating my loss at the mama awards but I wonder how naive they can be coz they definitely expect an answer from me, mostly one they don’t dream about coz they r myopic.”

“1- You should know from today that I feed on negativity not forgetting that when it’s positive, I still eat.

2 – pliz if you are celebrating me losing an award, u must remember that, (a) when my wife-mother to my babies, my angel- left me, what would destroy any man, that’s when I did the best music that turned every thing for me paka she had no choice but to return.

2 – When I got shot, I became the first and trust me the only musician to be visited by A PRESIDENT. Big stuff meeeeee.

3.when any one fights me, they always lose.

4.I lost the award but am the topic which is my first priority.

5.U all know I have lost many battles but still going stronger and i must win the war. Every musician has been rated against me but who stays standing? BEBE.

6.Now bad news for all bebecool haters, if u watch @mtvbaseafrica @CNNAfrica @tracetv and many others, my music plays more today than before.”

He ends by reminding his haters that: “I am the only Ugandan artist capable without any doubt of selling out a concert at ‪‎Kampala Serena Hotel.”

He said all his haters are rather denser than he expected and that he will die number one.

“I know my friend Dr Jose Chameleone knows what it takes to dig the road for many to use but still those who use the road blame you for the potholes in it,” he took off time to appreciate his colleague, Jose Chameleone’s.

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