Biometric voting for Uganda


Simply put, biometric voting relies on your thumb print to book in your vote (you are a thumbody).  If you do not know how your thumb identifies, head to your nearest Interpol office.  You could also ask Brazil, they do it.

Biometric can also include scanning your iris.  Yes, the eye.  One time while flying to Los Angeles, I noticed this one line where they made people look into some kind of camera.  Aha.  I had no idea.  But apparently if flying with a passport from some countries, they take your eyes for ID.  I was on flying on a Canadian passport though.  So even your eyes, basically your fingers or any part of you can be used to identify you.

You have all been to dentists.  They put something in your mouth to take a picture of your teeth.  Awful but hey if you get burned alive, your teeth could identify you.

We have significant markers all over us.  One of them is your print.  Then your signature (which can be faked so not very reliable), then our voice, our birth marks and our writing style.

So this country Uganda has the media going on about missing ballots in Kigali but did they even look at the other one? Biometric voting system flown in?  Nedda, because that would involve them thinking katono.

I fault the media on both stories.  For one thing, they did not bother to attack the real big story.  For another they write about Ethiopian airlines without giving us the flight number.

What I am finding interesting is the Biometric system and devices were ordered to arrive in Uganda just 3 weeks before elections.  Should you not find this surprising?

We need a national database already set up to capture all the information and tally the votes.  You people do not even have a national birth or date registry.  But all of a sudden you are going to capture thumb prints and tally votes?  In which central system?  Mind you, I would not mind looking at your database just so I do not be a skeptic.  All the information needs to be stored and stored some place safe with tight security so that people do not break into it.

In all my years in IT, I have never managed to train anyone for a job in IT over 10 days (which seems to be your timeframe) and I have worked with some of the best.   You are in a country which has very horrible usage of ICT and believe that bibiriti are technology.  JOKERS just!

A serious person would have ordered all those devices and the associated software at least 6 months in advance to test it out, train people and then get them ready for the elections.  You seriously cannot be much smarter than Canadians when it comes to computers.

You can read about Brazil using biometric voting on this link.  http://www.planetbiometrics.com/article-details/i/1291/


Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada


The writer is an IT analyst for an oil company and has implemented many software systems.  All my opinions are mine and mine alone.  They do not reflect on my employer or any organisation I am affiliated with.

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