Besigye: With guns, we can take power easily 

Besigye receives an RPG launcher from the FDC youth in Gomba

Besigye receives an RPG launcher from the FDC youth in Gomba

Uganda opposition leader Kizza Besigye has said power can easily be taken if the struggle had guns.

“Legitimacy starts with Uganda. Mr. Museveni must also know that Ugandans do not take him serious.”

Besigye was Thursday evening appearing on the “Hot Seat” programme on 93.3 KFM radio.

“Why would his soldiers do all that to people and you hear nothing from him. He lives by terror,” he wondered.

Besigye said there has been low regard of African leaders generally.

“Of course they will work with some body. We had Mobutu here, he was used etc.”

He reiterated that what is happening in Uganda cannot be a Besigye struggle.

“It must be a struggle for all Ugandans. If Ugandans say that the change method is not working they should take over.”

” I can show you my phone, many are crying, asking for guns. Some think we have joined NRM. The guns that they want, we have used them before.”

He continued” I know that if we get guns today we could take over power quickly.”

He said this was demonstrated recently in the elections.

“We used guns before and we did not get change that we want. We need to live in a country where guns are below citizens.”

Besigye said only those with guns have power and those without have no power.

“What we want to do is that without guns we take over power. People have power all the time. They are sovereign. People are the ones that make the constitution.”

He said the greatest majority know that opposition has to change the country.

“If people do not manage to take over their country, we shall have more of the same or worse. We shall have security that serves the regime not social security.”

“The question is always asked that should we wait for 2021? No, we are legitimate to form government. We can have a change of the country, any time. The people of Uganda have right to change the country.”

He continued: “The sooner the better. The oil that they call Their oil. If that oil lands into their pockets it will be greater trouble. We need to resolve this as quickly as possible. There is nothing illegal that I do. Organising, speaking is not illegal.”

Police chief Kale Kayihura on the same day vowed not to allow Besigye resume his defiance campaign.

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