Besigye: Why Museveni & I fell apart


Besigye in West Nile

FDC politician, Kizza Besigye, has made a revelation as to why he fell out with president Yoweri Museveni.

Besigye was addressing a rally in Pobbo, Amuru District on Thursday.

“One of the reasons why I parted with Museveni was the management of the war in Northern Uganda,” he started.

“At one time the war had actually ended. The LRA went in the camps and started getting relief. Afterwards, army came and attacked them, taking them back to war.”

Besigye said after 20 years, Museveni claims to have ended the war and is pretending to be bringing development in Northern Uganda yet the levels of poverty, education in the north “are sickening”.

“Most of the money sent to northern Uganda was given to government by the donors. Unfortunately, the same money was stolen by the same people claiming to bring development.”

Besigye said the same people who caused problems in Northern Uganda now claim to come and help.

“By the time Museveni came to power, he had only his trouser. Now he says all the money in Uganda is his including the oil. All the wealth that Museveni has, he has got from you. Don’t expect to become rich with the hand outs he gives you,” Besigye never tired to repeat.

“The people of Uganda who should be the owners of the land, are treated as refugees. I want to thank the people of Amuru who have always voted to remove the NRM.”

He reminded them that while some people thought they were voting for him and the people from the south were voting for Museveni, it was not true because he (Museveni “has never had a popular support”.

“The support he had in the south, had deteriorated that he is trying to seek refugee in Northern Uganda. This is the biggest mistake the people in northern Uganda should do. The struggle we have as Ugandans is to have power.”

He said in Uganda, whoever controls the gun has the power and “if you are powerless, you will never get out poverty and your situation will never change”.

“If you vote without power, the vote will be stolen. Like in Amuru, your land will be taken.”

He cited three things that opposition was going to do; “changing the mindset and making people regain their confidence, organising because people power is achieved by working as a united team and taking the necessary action”.

“If you fear, no body fears you.”

Falling out with Museveni

According to extracts from the book Kizza Besigye and Uganda’s Unfinished Revolution by Daniel Kalinaki, published by Daily Monitor, Besigye’s first disagreements with President Museveni during the bush war days started with injustices and favouritism between the fighters.

Besigye further tells of how these injustices and favouritism continued and even raged higher when the National Resistance Army/Movement (NRA/M) came to power in 1986, culminating in the eventual full-scale political fallout between the two former Bush War comrades.

Besigye cites a case in 1989 when President Museveni helped his young “unqualified” relative to take up a big job at the then Coffee Marketing Board despite protests from the senior management officials.

While campaigning in Kiruhura district for 2011 elections, Besigye denied breaking away from Museveni over Winnie Byanyima who is now his (Besigye’s) wife.

“He (Museveni) led us well from the bush, but when we came to government I do not know whether he was ill advised or not, [but] he deviated from the reasons that took us to the bush, clean leadership. That is where the fall-out started and not a woman,” Besigye said.

“I even wrote to him a 14-page letter in 1999 reminding him that he was deviating from the cause of the struggle. It was not [over] a woman”.

Besigye has stood against Museveni three times and lost.

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