Besigye: We’ve uprooted regime, its falling


Kizza Besigye and his wife Winnie Byanyima during 2011 campaigns.

FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, says the opposition has managed to uproot President Yoweri Museveni and are now moving to deal him a final blow.

Besigye was Thursday addressing rallies in Soroti town on his northern Uganda campaign tour.

“We have been shaking the big tree [Museveni], you can now see that the roots are now out,” Besigye told a rally.

“The tree is shaking in the wind,” he continued, “You can now see that the people that were on the tree have started jumping off.”

Besigye said what is left now is all Ugandans coming together and giving a final push to the already falling regime.

“Let’s make the final push, together, we can do it,” Besigye urged northerners.

He said Ugandans everywhere are united, they say, enough is enough and that those wearing yellow “are now feeling blue inside”.

He said people know now that Museveni “has deceived them for a long time” and change is coming.

He took off time to comment on the case in Abim where he visited a hospital and decried its sorry state prompting government to address the issue.

Currently, a nurse at the hospital, Adong Santina, faces dismissal for allowing Besigye into the hospital.


“Those in Abim have felt it already because of our visit,” Besigye said a day after government announced Shs700m to renovate the hospital.

“Wherever you go the health care system has collapsed, education system broken. We have pushed out vehicles almost everywhere on the campaign.”

Besigye promised Soroti residents to start an agricultural bank to ensure farmers benefit from very good insurance services.

“We shall intertwine with loans for Agriculture.”

“We have a lot on our hands to do after Museveni has gone. Just like Muntu [Mugisha-FDC president] said, we have wealth in our country. We can achieve a lot with this.”

Besigye asked Soroti people not to elect corrupt people to power saying the corrupt don’t change when they are adults.

“The corrupt have a lot of money to corrupt you also.”


Speaking at a rally in Agebo village in Agwata Sub-county Dokolo district on Tuesday, Besigye said NRM is already registering 150 people in every village to give money to.

“I have got information that NRM is registering 150 people per village whom they are going to give money.”

He continued: “If they have registered you, it is alright, the money they are bringing is what they are stealing from you. Spend it but fight to make sure they don’t get anywhere.”

While Richard Todwong, the NRM deputy Secretary General says they are only registering party supporters, Besigye said the move was meant to boost the number of voters and rig 2016 elections.

Warns Jeje Odongo

Speaking in Amuria district yesterday, Besigye warned Defence State minister, Jeje Odongo, and Disaster Preparedness minister, Musa Ecweru, to stop intimidating his supporters in Teso sub-region.

Besigye alleged the duo has been harassing opposition supporters using guns.

He told Odongo to cease intimidating people or the winds of engulf him.

“You should overcome fear and those threats, tell the thieves that they must go,” Besigye urged.

He added: “If we wanted to fight President Museveni with guns, we would have done so. We just don’t want to be ruled by guns all the time.”

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