Besigye: We’ll pay teachers Shs1m salary


Besigye in RUkungiri

FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, has promised to increase the salary of teachers to Shs1m per month.

Besigye made the revelation while addressing crowds at his first presidential rally held in Rukungiri town on Monday.

“Our children can’t study properly when the teachers are not properly remunerated,” he pointed out.

“We will pay our teachers Shs 1m per month,” he announced.

Uganda teachers almost stage strikes every financial year demanding for salary increments.

Every financial year, they are told to wait for another financial year or threatened with dismissal.

After his nomination last week, Besigye promised to give school children a especially those in secondary schools a laptop each.

He said the FDC-led government would restructure the country and improve all systems including the education system.

Speaking in Rukungiri, Besigye said the government was still hoodwinking people that they will be given NAADS handouts and they keep walking up and down from and to sub county offices.

“Why should government first extort money from citizens in form of high taxes and yet they can’t give services to the people?”

He said government will now begin distributing NAADS handouts “since we are going in elections and you will find people thanking and praising government”.

This correlated with President Yoweri Museveni’s speech made in Luweero on the same day where he promised to invest Shs1trn in NAADS.

Besigye said the first step will be liberating people’s power and the rest will follow.

“If you have no power, you will never get better education or medical care,” saying there wont be any meaningful jobs for youths when they have no power as citizens.

“When government over taxes you, it leaves you with no money or capital to use for production and development of yourself”

Besigye promised to revolutionalise agriculture by increasing funding and encouraging co-operatives.

“We shall introduce the agricultural development bank to facilitate farmers.”

He also promised to invest energies in transforming the security and intelligence agencies of our country to make them pro-people.

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