Besigye: We defeated Museveni plot to grab land


Opposition leader Kizza Besigye has accused President Yoweri Museveni of plotting to control land in the country in order to control people easily.

Besigye made the remarks over the weekend while addressing media in Gulu town.

“Land is the beginning of wealth, its key in production. It doesn’t expand, the population expands,” he said.

He added: “Control of land is control of people. It has been Museveni’s agenda since he took over power. I was in the Constitution Amendment and we defeated it.”

Besigye said the idea was brought through the Professor Fredrick Ssempebwa Constitution Review Commission but was defeated.

Even without amendments, Besigye revealed, there is a lot of illegal land grabbing.

“He [Museveni] now wants the legal channels to grab land. In the last campaign, we distributed leaflets on land grabbing.”

He said four things were proposed instead; the suspension of giving land titles on disputed areas, there should be a judicial inquiry in the land matters, reviewing the land under communal ownership which is under threat and educating people about the land law and land markets.

Besigye said the bill from Kyankwanzi has two dangerous items that is; removing land from a private person to another person by force and taking people’s land before they are paid.

“Both are extremely dangerous especially if this law is implemented by distinguished land grabbers.”

He quoted former Lands minister Aidah Nantaba who warned the new minister of Lands that there is a land grabbing racket of mafias in Government.

Besigye said World Bank has already given government money to accelerate land registration.

“They say if one has his title, it is easy to acquire loans. If you accelerate land registration when land law are bad, there is a problem.”

Besigye vowed to struggle until the people get back their power, until resources work for all without discrimination.

“Giving up, is betraying those who died for this struggle.”

Addressing believers at Holy Rosary Church on Sunday, Besigye said there was no endowed country like Uganda.

“Some people see the sun one hour day, others in darkness. Unfortunately, for the lack of love of our neighbours, our people in Amuru have to register as refugees in order to get food.”

He added: “This is so because some have chosen to take all that they would serve their selfish need. There is plenty in our country for all of us if we decided fair. I pray in future, I pray that we stand firm for justice. What we have is Justice on one hand Injustice in the other hand.”

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