Besigye wants Museveni tried for treason


Besigye in NBS TV studios Thursday

Former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye suggests that President Yoweri Museveni should be the one on trial for treason.

Besigye was last night speaking on ongoing treason trial in the High Court having declared himself president and claiming he won 2016 presidential elections.

“It is Mr Kaguta Museveni who should be charged with treason,” Besigye said while appearing on NBS TV’s political programme “NBSFrontline”.

He pushed on: “We are dealing with a grossly unjust country that’s controlled by, works for and benefits a few people.”

According to Besigye, if the injustice in Uganda is not resolved, the country is headed for tougher times.

He said those who think they have power should reflect and engage in a process that leads to a transition.

But Besigye promised he would pardon government officials implicated in plundering the country’s resources if his party captured power.

While addressing journalists at his home in Kasangati, Besigye, who is known for his hard stance against corruption, appeared more conciliatory appealing to Museveni to embrace national dialogue.

Non-violence aka defiance

Besigye said non-violence struggle is the other phrase for defiance and that its not a struggle to simply replace a leader with another.

“Why did Mr Museveni go to the bush when there had been an election in which he’d lost? Because in a dictatorship, institutions are controlled by a dictator.”

He observed that the parliament and police are no longer for the people.

Like colonialism which was defeated through defiance, Besigye said if people stopped cooperating [once people stop cooperating], that would be the regime’s end.

“We don’t have a security problem but a political one. I am not a security problem. I saw pictures on NBS TV of people dying of hunger in Teso while money is being wasted to keep soldiers at my home.”

He said Ugandans are living in a country without rule of law where the police is being used to break law and order.

“Saying I’m a law breaker is an insult. In my 60 years, I have been arrested charged countlessly but never convicted. The responsibility of changing the political situation in Uganda rests in the hands of Ugandans.”

Besigye said Uganda is not an island hence the need to engage people beyond borders and share about what is going on.

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