Besigye to swap fighter jets for Uganda airlines


FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, spent Tuesday traversing villages in Luuka, Kaliro and the entire Busoga region canvassing for votes.

Besigye says his rallies in the towns, villages and homes were all successful and warmly welcomed.

He visited Ikumbya- Bukova- Nakabugu -Nawampiti -Busalamu – Kiyunga and ended his day in Kaliro.

Besigye faulted government for neglecting Busoga saying their children were still writing in the sand.

“… It’s rather difficult and emotional for me to find that; in this “computer era” your children are in school writing in the sand, as if this is a reward from the Mr. Museveni regime for supporting him all this long?”

Besigye said the education sector and issues affecting the country were among the key points FDC shall critically look into when they get into government.
He promised to avail every senior secondary student with a computer laptop.

“Many are bound to ask how but we can leverage on government’s wasteful expenditure to save $360 million to purchase modern laptops for the 1.2 million secondary school students at approximately $ 300 each.”

“Why should a poor country like Uganda have more 80 ministers in addition the various ‘presidential advisers’?” Besigye asked.

He said all former finance ministers are still on government pay roll as ‘advisers’ citing the likes of Gerald Sendawula, Ezra Suruma and Maria Kiwanuka.

He said such “wasteful expenditure” must end so the money can be put to better use through the restructuring of the government.

“… to create savings that we can use to develop and modernize key sectors like Agriculture that employs 80 per cent of Ugandans.”

Therefore, through prioritization, Besigye said, government can avoid buying things such as fighter jets which cost tax payers in the excess of $760 million.

“We can, through proper planning use such money to pay teachers a decent salary, build them houses and equip schools with required necessities.”

Speaking in Kaliro, Besigye emphasized the need to revive the now defunct corporations including Uganda Airlines and Uganda Railways Corporation, which not only provided Ugandans with jobs but were also symbols of national pride.

“These, for instance (Uganda Railways) would transport goods from Pakwach to Kampala and from Kasese to Kampala cheaply and safely.”

“Our request is; we should double our efforts and recruit more members to join and sign up for the ‘Power 10’ (P10) teams. These will not only help us to guard our vote but also reminder each other an update us about our campaign programmes.”


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