Besigye tells Kasese Museveni’s worst fear


Besigye in Kasese

Former FDC president, Dr. Kizza Besigye, has shared what he calls President Yoweri Museveni’s worst fear in Kasese town.

Besigye who is campaigning for FDC flag bearer on Saturday addressed a rally in Kasese town which he calls “a second home” because of the “overwhelming support”.

He said joining the struggle is a sacrifice in itself not only for an individual but family too saying these are “denied scholarships, tenders, NAADS because they are related to activists”.

He accused the ruling party of using families and small tokens to lure supporters citing an old man in Rukungiri who has sons in police who have failed to get promotions because he is an FDC leader.

What is NRM?

“I want to tell you what NRM is. If you are competing with your opponent in a football match, you must study your opponents and their tactics. Fortunately I am one of those who built NRM. I know what it is.”

He said NRM was not a political party as FDC because started as an Armed Organisation; it had the political wing and the military wing.

“Power in the country was captured by the NRA the military wing which handed it over power to Political Wing NRM. Read Legal Notice Number One of 1986. NRM turned into the state. NRA became the national army. NRC became the parliament of Uganda. At the time it had 38 members where I was of it’s members. The Chairman of NRC Museveni became the speaker of Parliament and at the same time the President.”

Besigye said because he [Museveni] was busy, it was the Vice Chairman Haji Kigongo who would act as Speaker of parliament, sometimes it would sit as parliament and at other times it would sit as NRM organ from 1986-2006.

“It’s other structures became state structures eg the RC (1-5) which became LC. We had District Administrators of NRM SDA. When we took over power they became District Administrators. In 1995 the name changed to RDCs.”

NRM state machinery

He says the NRM secretariat became a national organ, the NRM school of political science became National Leadership Institute, the NRM intelligence organs the External and Internal became ISO, ESO and Military Intelligence.

“They all became state organs,” Besigye explained, adding, “there were organs the NRM didn’t have in the bush like the police. All these years they have made sure they turn them into NRM organs. Like Museveni said Kale Kayihura is a great NRM cadre.”

Museveni fears

He continued: “By nature Museveni fears elections. When I came out in 2001, he panicked. NRM is a political system according to the constitution.”

He says whoever wants to contest, comes as an individual but when he [Besigye] came out, “Museveni said it can’t be.

“He called the NRM organ and declare him the NRM candidate. This exposed NRM as a party and not a system as they wanted the world to think.”

Even when Besigye went to the Constitutional Court, the judges ruled that NRM is not a system but a party hence opening up space for political parties in 2005.

“We started parties but the Movement state was not dismantled. Actually like the LCI has never been competed for. The challenge we have is that we are competing against the NRM State.”

Besigye says for 20 years, there was no formal opposition against the NRM suggesting that it is the reason why corruption became the centre stage and public services like education, health, infrastructure etc collapsed.

“Because of this, NRM became unpopular. Therefore when I came out and challenged this system and said you are dishonest.”

NRM promises

The FDC politician said NRM promised to give Ugandans three things namely; to give Uganda a new constitution, Put in place systems and Organise election but says Ugandans were betrayed.

“We disagreed with Museveni in 1989 when I told him that we should do what we set out to do. In 1990 he fired me from his government and sent me back to the army.”

In 1999, Besigye wrote a document outlining what was not going well in the movement but Museveni refused to discuss the paper.

“We are struggling against the NRM State. We have a disgruntled population that wants this state out. That support has been huge all over the country.”

Although with support, opposition has failed to achieve their goal because “the NRM State manipulates elections”.

Besigye said for example in 2011, Museveni picked Shs 2tn without the approval of Parliament.

“After the elections inflation went above 30%. Fuel prices went to near 10,000/= and sugar the same price. They have been able to rig because the NRM controls all the state institution.”

The Supreme Court Judges agreed that the elections were not free and fair except that these judges didn’t know how to use these facts.

“So our support is not questioned. Gen. Sejusa confirmed this when he said that we actually won by 69% in 2006. This statement has never been challenged by NRM.”

Since 2009, Besigye has been pushing for structural reforms but Parliament claimed it didn’t have time.

Besigye says he opted out of court in 2011 because “our problems were political and not legal”.

In 2014, Ugandans met at African Hotel and came up with the Citizen Compact which was signed by Political Parties, CSO and individuals.

“We all resolved that we should not go to the next election without reforms. Museveni is actually the Speaker of Parliament because when there is a serious matter, he calls the NRM Caucus which he chairs and what he wants he what is actually that is approved by Parliament.”

Last week, opposition reforms were rejected by Parliament after MPs including members of opposition were reportedly paid Shs 110m.

“We don’t know if they [opposition MPs] don’t know what we want or they are working with the dictator!”

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