Besigye talks on Mbabazi, fall of TDA


Besigye addressing press at TDA offices in Naguru

FDC presidential flag bearer, Kizza Besigye, says he has nothing against former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, but has reservations about Mbabazi’s commitment to opposition values.

“I brought myself to the struggle. If you think I am not doing something useful, get up, wake up and do something better,” Besigye said last night while appearing on a political talk show “On The Spot” hosted by NTV Uganda.

“My only reservation on Hon Mbabazi is committing himself to fighting the government evils that are bedevilling this country.”

Besigye also acknowledged that there are many challenges of working with Mbabazi saying it was however important to bring Ugandans to work together to have a larger benefit.

“I am very optimistic and it will happen. Ugandans must appreciate that we have a very vicious deliberated dictatorship that disempowers the citizens.”

Besigye emphasised that he was committed to change not accolades.

“The people who say we have failed in the elections, must be the same people who say we have had free elections.”

He agreed opposition has had many challenges, many of which are engineered by the dictatorship saying the hope of the country will come from what they shall have put in.

The fall of TDA

Turning to The Democratic Alliance [TDA], he said the only misfortune that has befallen TDA is the propaganda of lies.

He said the coalition could not select a candidate without consensus.

“If you are in a company is it the number of shares in a company that matter or the shares they hold?”

“Those who have been in a classroom have a problem to understand the simplest things, our ordinary people understand it.”

He said consensus is a difficult process to arrive at if there is no time.

“Alliances and coalitions are made after elections, we are in a situation where a state is held captive under those with guns.”

“It is not Besigye the person, it is Besigye the flag bearer of the party. I just hold a flag for our party.”

Besigye said a lot of smear and propaganda has been thrown at them in the media and social media.

“I am not my own candidate, I am a party candidate. Today it is my first time to open my mouth about this process in the media, you see you cannot negotiate in the media.”

Besigye said one can only declare failure when one has tried.

Free and fair elections, only way to remove Museveni

Without a free and fair election, the citizen has no power, Besigye turned attention to reforms.

“Even Paul in the Bible, if you don’t know the bible there was a man known as Ananias who removed the scale from Saul’s eyes.”

Besigye agreed that President Yoweri Museveni was just an embodiment of the problem but not the whole problem.

“Problems are structural and tackling them is important. The struggle in this country is to restructure the State. Mr Museveni can go and the problem remains.”

He said Ugandans have a habit of copying and pasting.

“You cannot say this happened Kenya, it can work here. The people need to take power themselves, our job is about giving them the tools to empower themselves.”

“I went all over the country telling our power that this election will not be the usual. This will not be about putting posters.”

Besigye said the bigger problem was the impunity because some people misunderstand opposition when they talk of reforms.

“We talk about the management of power. There has always been a challenge of the strategy to deal with the military dictatorship, the role of reforms is critical.”

According to Besigye, the problem of this country is the elite themselves who don’t understand the environment the opposition is operating in.

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