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Besigye spoke to the people of Masaka

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Dr. Kizza Besigye’s full speech to Masaka.


The people of Masaka have incredibly supported political change in Uganda. No one will ever accuse you for lesser effort.

You did your part and did it well. You and other Ugandans came out and voted overwhelmingly to retire Mr. Museveni.

Instead, Mr. Museveni deployed guns and overturned your mandate. In Uganda’s history, no election has ever been rigged to a magnitude that Mr. Museveni did in Febuary. Even then, with all the rigging machinery against us, we still defeated him.

We have evidence of our win. We have evidence of rigging by Mr. Museveni. That is precisely why the treason charges against me have no merit. No court can convict a legitimate winner of a rigged election. Instead, we shall charge Mr. Museveni for treason.

To understand the support we have in this beautiful land, I refer you to the support we have among the members of the security forces. I was a commander here in Masaka for 2yrs, I can confidently tell you we have the support of our gallant servicemen and women. Some officers I commamded are still in service and others are still working with Mr. Museveni but their loyalty is with us.

In fact, at all polling stations where the security forces voted from, we won. The idea of security forces voting against them overwhelmingly stunned them and I can tell you Mr. Museveni is living in perpetual panic. Officers cannot serve in one station for more than two months. The level of paranoia is unbearable.

Mr. Museveni has got so paranoid that he feels outsmarted and rejected by the international community. They have refused to recognise him because they know he is not the legitimately elected president of the people of Uganda.

We have corned him. We have put him where we want him- captivity. I vowed to you the people of Masaka that you will see Mr. Museveni pass here enroute to Rwakitura. We shall witnesa it in our lifetime.

Be strong, be optimistic and stay focussed. We shall win.

Thank you.

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