Besigye: Something is seriously wrong with Museveni


Opposition leader Kizza Besigye on Tuesday joined party officials at Najjanankumbi FDC headquarters for “Free My Vote” campaign prayers.

Speaking at the prayers led by Pastor Happy David Ngabo, Besigye said some people thought praying is wasting time.

“But it’s not. I am the testimony.”

Besigye said in the 1981-85 bush war, they had guns and wanted to liberate the country, but it was by God’s will.

“If it wasn’t God, no one would have survived.”

Earlier Besigye dismissed allegations made by President Museveni who accused him of promising to support the formation of Yiira Republic in Kasese.

Addressing leaders in Kasese on Sunday, Museveni said Uganda will not lose even a piece of her land to the creation of the so-called Yiira Republic and whoever wants that Republic should create it outside Uganda’s territory.

“Even Besigye who promised it, if he became President and made that mistake, he would not sleep in State House that day.”

Besigye in response said the president was making up things.

“Something is seriously wrong with Mr Museveni! I have never, neither anyone I know has ever promised Yiira Republic,” Besigye said.

The opposition leader said for Museveni to make such a serious statement without caring to know whether he said anything like that is a sign that the presidency is dysfunctional.

“It represents his own illusions because I have never said any such thing. However, this talk about secession is not new or limited to the people of Rwenzori.”

Besigye said even Northerners had talked about forming the Nile Republic on top of Buganda that is demanding federalism, which indicates, “a large element of our community would feel better outside his country”.

According to Besigye, such demands for an independent republic is a protest against Museveni’s leadership.



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