Besigye says Museveni junta owns Uganda 


FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, spent Wednesday campaigning in Buikwe district.

Besigye was earlier welcomed at Ssenyi Island in Buikwe county South with a red carpet and gifts including fish [empuuta] and money donations.

While promising to uplift the standard of living of people on the island, Besigye blamed incumbent president Yoweri Museveni of turning the country into his private property.

In a question and answer session, Besigye managed to make the people of Buikwe realise how their country has been “taken from them by the ruling oligarchy”.

Besigye who claims that Ugandans are now refugees in their own country said the children of those in power give birth in foreign hospitals using taxpayers’ money.

“Where were Milton Obote’s [first Prime Minister and two-time president] kids born?” Besigye queried.

“Mulago,” the crowd answered.

“What about Amin’s [Idi-former president of Uganda] kids?


“If Museveni’s kids are sick with malaria, where do they go for treatment?”

Crowd: “foreign hospitals”.

“Who sold Uganda Airlines?”

Crowd: “NRM and Museveni.”

“Who sold Uganda Hotels?”

Crowd: “NRM and Museveni.”

“The hotels were sold to who?”

Crowd: “Museveni and his relatives”.

Besigye said once he is elected President next year, he will deal with those stealing public funds.

“Let the thieves in government use this chance because after May whoever dares to steal may lose his hand,” Besigye said.

He promised to start a fish processing factory for Buikwe asking residents to buy shares and own it in the process.

While campaigning in Kayunga yesterday, Besigye laughed at President Yoweri Museveni’s promise to purchase 18 million hoes saying he [Besigye] would buy tractors to pursue modern agriculture.

“The world has moved on, as FDC we are thinking tractors,” Besigye said.

“We shall buy laptops for secondary school students. We are passed the Kaguta age of writing in sand,” he pressed on.

Museveni’s government last week said it was in the process of distributing computers to primary school kids.

Besigye promised to revamp the health sector and address the problem of land grabbing in Kayunga.

“The same people grabbing land here in Kayunga are doing it in Karamoja, Acholi, Lango and Bunyoro. Land grabbing is countrywide, deliberate and planned to impoverish and rule over you indefinitely.”

He said the FDC government will review land laws, especially on titled land and improving on land literacy.

Besigye said the teachers and health workers have suffered too much under the “Junta’s watch” saying it was time to reap from their efforts of serving their nation.

According to his handlers, Besigye’s government will “cut down the number of useless minister in the new Parliament from 80 to 21 and Presidential guards”.

“It will tackle corruption in all Government Institutions with an iron hand, restore agro-processing cooperative unions, introduce national insurance tax to all public and private workers, and put to proper use of donor fund.”

The FDC government will also start govern companies, create jobs and increase profitability, attract more international investors by reducing the process of bureaucracy, modernise infrastructure and reduce state budget by cutting “unnecessary public servants trips abroad and workshops”.

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