Besigye resumes defiance campaign

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Dr. Kizza Besigye in his compatible open roof

Just a day after his release from prison on a Shs100m non-cash bail, opposition leader Kizza Besigye has announced plans to resume his defiance campaign.

“I will not keep quiet. I will not ask permission to go wherever I want to go. I am a free independent citizen with free rights to go anywhere,” Besigye told press at FDC party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, along Entebbe road.

“I will continue to be defiant. Government wants to create an impression that defiance is illegal. How can our prayers be illegal?”

Besigye said he has no doubt that President Yoweri Museveni didn’t win the election.

“We have the mandate of the oppressed people of Uganda. What happened in the last election wasn’t mere stealing of votes but a coup d’état against the voters. People who want us to join the government in the name of serving Ugandans, serve them under which framework.”

The opposition leader said he absolutely no intention to compromise his rights as a full citizen of this country.

“Breaching peace is a crime. I have never breached peace. By coming here, did I breach peace? The people breaching peace are the ones who should maintain. I hope Ugandans organise and we charge these officers of their offenses.”

On corrupt government officials, Besigye said they are no longer stealing billions. “They steal trillions that could have developed Uganda’s capacity.”

Besigye who has been at Luzira prison over treason for two months says he will do whatever it takes to liberate Ugandans.

“You must understand that the struggle we are in is not just about removing NRM to FDC. We want to change our country, from a country where citizens are still treated as subjects. Where leaders become the masters, the-would be masters are treated as subjects. We want to have a country where leaders must be servants.”

He added: “In the country we are working for, institutions of government must be institutions of the people not those of the dictators. The ones we have today are those of the masters.”
Besigye said everyone that chooses to oppose the dictatorship knows there will be torture, incarceration and sometimes death.

“Whenever I am arrested, I am at peace with myself, I am psychologically prepared for torture. I have been peaceful in mind and body.”

Besigye said he had accounts from some prisoners taken out of prison to meet some high ranking officers in Government and UPDF.

“These are illegal and Prisons have to say no but because the institutions have weakened, prisons officers have to comply. The institutions have been monopolised.”

Besigye said Ugandans are in a country that service a few people. Citizens are just given handouts. All resources are in a few hands.

“Rest of the country there is no social security. We want a country where there is social security. We are not just tinkering.”

“I heard one of the colleagues that we were with saying that everything is well now. The aspirations that she had are the same as of the regime.”

“We get together to do what? to go where? This is the fundamental contradiction between the citizens and the rulers. Not between Besigye or Muntu here. The contradiction is at a fundamental level.”

He said there was a war between citizens and rulers; that is why they are beating up people.

“The question is how to resolve that contradiction. Can this be resolved by an election organised by the rulers. Is this possible? As you saw in the last election, citizens came out and spoke.”
He said what happened in the election was a coup- use of arms.
“That is why our HQ was taken over, me also held incommunicado and in prisons. However, these matters are before court. They have turned them into treason. That all happens when you have believe in the force of arms.”

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