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Besigye overruns Luweero-NRM’s mecca


“NRA/NRM Mecca of Luwero has been toppled by the Blue team,” FDC campaign team maintained referring to Kizza Besigye’s massive rallies in Luweero district over the weekend.

“It [Luweero] is no longer in the hands those who claim its theirs,” claimed Besigye handlers on social media while sharing pictures of his mammoth rally in Luweero town on Sunday.

Besigye who was in the company of FDC spokesperson, Ssemujju Nganda, and party president, Mugisha Muntu, among other officials, received a welcome “far beyond what Museveni got”.

The NRM candidate who even launched his bush war struggle in Luweero triangle, had kicked off his rallies in the same district.

However, when he left, residents fumigated roads to disinfect his presence and prepare to welcome former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi.

Yesterday, residents were seen taunting and flashing V-signs at the police as they were being ferried to Luweero ahead of Besigye’s rallies.

“Soon, you will be gone with your bosses,” residents yelled at a passing police truck full of armed officers.


Besigye made his first stop in Bombo where hundreds of supporters had gathered to welcome him.

He told them that Bombo barracks was built by Idi Amin within his 8 years but 30 years down the road, “Museveni has not even put a coat of paint on it. We want a system that uplifts everyone”.

“Let us empower our citizens. The 1980 bush war was precipitated by vote rigging but NRM today is rigging its own internal elections.”

He continued: “Our democracy has sank so low! Even the soldiers we fought with are living in a bad situation.”

The FDC candidate also said he would make commitments on climate change by lowering the price of energy.

He reiterated that the only way to save mothers from maternal deaths is by changing government.


In Wobulenzi, supporters staged their own roadblocks and resorted to checking every car that passed “thinking that Kizza Besigye might be one of them”.

Traffic police men just looked on.

“We have waited for Dr. Kizza Besigye for long. When he comes, he talks for a very short time, all the same we are happy,” said one of the impatient supporters.

Besigye arrived in the town late in the evening.

Supporters had already organised a rally revenue to a night club.

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Emulating his defiance campaign, Besigye was forced by residents to address the rally after 8.30pm.


At Kasana town, Besigye got a warm reception.

He was also given gifts ranging from domestic animals to money.

“Luweero is saying that after 30 years, Museveni can no longer do much. We are winning,” Besigye handlers said with exhilaration.

At Kasana, Besigye was welcomed by a huge crowd that kept chanting FDC slogans for hours long.

Besigye speaks

When he spoke, Besigye told Luweero his role was to empower them reclaim their power from those who carry guns.

He reminded them that citizens were powerless because a small group of gun-wielding people have monopolised all the power.

He painfully told Luweero where NRA/NRM started its five-year guerrilla war that despite their sacrifice, they have remained impoverished.

He promised to improve the health system, education and agriculture in the district.


In his analysis, journalist, Ortega Ian, says whether Besigye becomes Uganda’s President or not, history will remember him as an invaluable asset to Uganda.

“I am not a voter, but I recognize that much of what we call Museveni’s achievements are a consequence of Besigye’s pressure,” Ortega writes.

“Besigye has for over a decade provided constant checks and balances that have seen Museveni try to perform. Because of Besigye, Museveni can’t take us for granted. We are enjoying some of the fruits of that competition that has lasted years.”

He says if Museveni sat down in reflection, he would realize that he is because of Besigye; 50% of what he describes as his achievements have been brought forth because of Besigye’s existence.

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