Besigye: Mutale militias illegal, criminal


Besigye addressing press in Fort Portal today morning

Forme Forum for Democratic Change president, Dr. Kizza Besigye, has labelled Maj Roland Kakooza Mutale’s militias as illegal and criminal.

Yesterday, Mutale who is famed for Mutale, 2001 Kalangala Action Plan (KAP), a paramilitary group that whipped voters and 2007 Kiboko Squad that harassed Mabira forest rioters, passed out 250 youths at his farm in Luweero district.

He said they are being trained with the purpose of removing all those who stand in President Yoweri Museveni’s way to the presidency come 2016 general elections.

Addressing press in Fort Portal on Friday, Besigye said: “Kakooza Mutale is one of the reason we need reforms.”

“That Mutale outfit is illegal,” he pointed out.

Besigye said, anybody who says that they must go to such any election must be a joker of the century.

“We can’t have militia in the next election.”

He said that was one of the reasons why they must have reforms.

“The biggest problem is that we have a leadership deficit in this country. The leaders are detached from the population. They forward their selfish interests.”

Police harassment

Besigye said the campaigns were going on well except police interference.

“We are in the last league of our campaign. The campaign has been smooth save for the disturbance by the Uganda Police. They have attempted to disrupt our programs.”

He cited the Mbarara incident in which the police without any provocation, started teargasing his supporters.

“And many were injured in the process. The same happened in Kabale. We had a similar incident in Pajule, Pader, where the police again teargased the people who had come to listen to our message.”

Besigye said they also had running battles with the police in Kitugum, several parts of Karamoja, and Katakwi Teso.

In Mubende yesterday, the police tried to stop his programs but the people over powered the police and the rally went on.

“What the police is doing is illegal and what we are complying with is illegal. The police have no right according to the Public Order Management Act to sanction the activities of political parties.”

Besigye promised to comply with their demands so that he can do his work.

“Even where we have accepted to comply, they go ahead to intimidate and demobilize people from attending our rallies like in Lira.”

He said the matter was posing a grave danger to the country’s politics and democracy.

“The police has put in place the para military group called the Crime Preventer to torment our people.”

“We have a state of criminality. You see the emergency of the notorious Kakooza Mutale and his group with all the support of the state institutions.”

Besigye said he started his campaign late because the police arrested him on the day he was supposed to start the campaign and “illegally detained me in Nagalama”.


Besigye cited the second challenge as media saying there is no media freedom in this country.

“In Jinja, while on Baba fm, the whole station was shut down just after five minutes on orders of Hon. Balyeku the owner of the radio.”

“In Karamoja, we booked a talk show on Nena FM. Before we could get to their studio the program the owner said that he had to first get clearance from the Communications Commission.”

Hon. Ekanya had to first call the Chairman of UCC who called the owners of the radio to start the program.

In 2011, Besigye bought airtime in many radio station across the country but many of them refused him from using the air time he had paid for.

“We paid UBC Shs 22m to air our announcement and to host us but they refused. We are still in court.”

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