Besigye: Museveni uses 1986 guns to oppress me


Besigye is still traversing the country


Former opposition FDC party president Dr. Kiiza Besigye, addressed hundreds of supporters in Mbale town on the meaning of change.

Besigye is campaigning to be elected the party’s presidential candidate.

Speaking in Mbale, he attacked President Yoweri Museveni for shattering the dreams of Ugandans and urged the people to take back their power by pushing for free and fair elections.

He met delegates in the Elgon Region (Bugisu) before addressing a rally.

At the rally, Besigye was handed a spear and a big cock as a sign of endorsement to go ahead and lead the country.

“I am asking you to believe in yourselves, that this is your country and you should lead it,” he told crowds.

He reminded them that as Ugandans, they were living as refugees and prisoners in their own country.

He said the “guns that we used in the 1986 to liberate Uganda, are the same guns that are used to oppress me”.

“We live in Uganda but we don’t own it,” he said, prompting the crowd to start a quick fundraising to raise money for his campaigns.

Besigye continued: “I am asking to be your flag bear so that I become a player. Its players who can demand for change of playing rules. If they refuse, I can call you my supporters and we remove the whistle from the captain of Team Yellow.”

He added: “The question is not votes. We have the votes. We only need the Reforms so that our votes count.”

From Mbale, Besigye headed to Masaka district in central Uganda to meet delegates and address more rallies.

He stopped at Nyendo town near Masaka Nyendo, Masaka where he told residents that he trusts them entirely.

“I can promise you that I have tightened my belts. I am ready. I will not rest until I finish the task I started,” he assured them.

“In 2001, my proposed Presidential Candidate was Hon. Jaberi Bidandi Ssali. When I told him we were ready he should declare his candidacy, He refused claiming that YKM was not ready to leave. We should therefore we should leave him complete his last Term. This how I entered the race’,” Besigye narrated.

He said Museveni didn’t know the meaning for the word fundamental change.
“It as a concept doesn’t mean moving leadership form Gen. Lutwa to Gen. Museveni. The concept means empowering people and leaders act on behalf of the citizens and they are accountable to these citizen.”

Meanwhile, Frank Gashumba, a social media commentator, says if numbers were to decide who is the legitimate President of Uganda, Dr Besigye would be serving his 2nd term in office.

“Unfortunately in Africa, its not voters who decide who goes to State House, its those who count the votes (Electoral Commission) and unfortunately Ugandans have failed to realize that Electoral Commission is an extension of NRM, as it is with UPDF, Uganda Police, Cabinet and those of you who don’t know that NRM is not a political party but a company and Mr. Yoweri Museveni is the majority shareholder.”

Gashumba adds: “As for me, I will never participate in an election where President Museveni is still in state house. By the way, that doesn’t mean that we have given up on our Country, dictators are not voted out of power, they are forced out of power.”

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