Besigye: Museveni too old to fight another war


Museveni and Besigye

FDC candidate, Kizza Besigye, on Sunday urged the residents of Bombo town to fight fear to usher in change.

“Do not fear the talk of war, how can I fight after I have won when I didn’t fight when they cheated me 3 times,” Besigye pointed out to the cheering crowds.

“I doubt whether Mr Museveni can really still fight. Uganda is big enough for all of us.”

Besigye urged the residents not to allow Museveni and NRM deceive them that when they lose elections, they will go back to the bush and start war.

“He cannot because; 1] he is aged he cannot manage to fight; 2] he went to the bush when he was a poor man but now he has amassed a lot of wealth to protect and 3] he has no friends to support him and no support of the people across all regions in Uganda.”

Besigye asked the residents to “ignore their cheap propaganda”.

Speaking during his campaign trail in the Rwenzori sub-region lastweek, Besigye said the speculation is being circulated by NRM “propaganda mongers”.

“Mr Museveni cannot cause war after he is defeated on February 18, this is a pure lie. How can he? You cannot start a war without the people,” Besigye said during a radio talk show on Fort Portal’s Voice of Tooro.

“So those NRM war mongers are wasting time. Mr Museveni cannot win a war without the people, neither can any presidential candidate in this race.”

Mabirizi too warns Museveni

Speaking in Masaka on Saturday, Elton Joseph Mabirizi, the independent Coalition presidential candidate told Ugandans to ignore threats by NRM leaders not to hand over power once Museveni loses elections.

Mabirizi is quoted by Uganda Radio Network saying Museveni is too old to wage war against Ugandans, adding that he can’t go to the bush at his age (approximately 71 years old).

“When President Museveni was in Busoga recently, he said if he loses the elections; he will go back to the bush and wage another war. This time round, we are well-prepared, we have our own people in the army, in the police, we also have our own people in the Electoral Commission as well,” Mabirizi is quoted as saying.

“It is all too evident that change is coming, army officials are retiring or demanding to retire. Who will Museveni fight with? Tinyefuza [Sejusa] wants to retire, Col Besigye left already, Amama Mbabazi who they used to say was the chief architect of everything left him, the Muntus [Mugisha] have all left.”

“What can’t you see or hear, people? If he is to return to the bush, my question then is; can he still manage bush life? But if a 70-year-old doesn’t fear going to the bush, what about me who is 40 years old? But all in all I know what falling governments always say when their exit is night.”

Rogers Mulindwa, the spokesperson of the NRM secretariat, also told the radio that Museveni cannot go back to the bush if he loses.

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