Besigye: Museveni not a problem but his regime


Besigye addressing press this week

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye believes Uganda became independent because the citizens of Uganda wanted it and that they won through defiance.

Appearing on NTV’s political programme “On The Spot”, Besigye said President Yoweri Museveni is not there by the will of people because he never gained power through election.

He said as far as Independence Celebrations are concerned, there is nothing to celebrate because people are dying of hunger in ‘The pearl of Africa’.

“What will change the country is not only the talking but the actions of people. The problem is not Museveni. The problem is the entire regime.”

He said 75% of Ugandans earn less than 3 dollars a day.

“This is slavery! This won’t end without fighting for freedom.”

Besigye recalled that he won the 2016 presidential elections but was cheated hence the reason why he asked for an audit.

“I call upon Ugandans to stay in the course. This is not the time to doubt ourselves.”

On airport arrest

“While I was in the UK, I heard that police was planning to use a helicopter to airlift me from the airport to Kasangati,” Beisgye said.

He recalled that freedom is earned and not given because it has a cost.

“I told the policeman who arrested me not pay attention to me but the people on the streets crying out.”

He said Uganda is now a country that works for and protects a few individuals while the rest is starving.

“When you are following what is going on…the public is saying…you are our hope!”

Appearing on NBS TV’s “NBSFrontline” programme later Thursday evening, Besigye said his passport is not yet stamped because he was grabbed from the aircraft had uniforms with Civil Aviation Authority.

“The vehicle in which I was put had blue number plates. My fellow passengers saw the vehicle. It was driven through “panyas” (shortcuts) to the old airport.”

While police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi says Besigye was arrested, the opposition leader says nobody told him he was under arrest.

“My rights were not read to me. I was just grabbed. The police has gone rogue. Today, my house is barricaded. Anyone coming to visit is checked and has to register. My home is not a place of detention. If you detain somebody, you must produce them in court and charge them. That hasn’t happened.”

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