Besigye: Museveni like all dictators uses fear, propaganda


Besigye and Mwijukye [L] in one of their marches

Uganda opposition leader Kizza Besigye accuses President Yoweri Museveni of using fear and political propaganda to keep an iron grip on power.

“Museveni, like all dictators, uses fear, public resources to rent support, propaganda to divert public attention to rule,” Besigye told NBS TV in an interview on Wednesday.

He added: “If Museveni got no free education, he would be like those street vendors they are harassing. Or even worse. His parents were poor.”

According to Besigye, a president is one who wins and one who makes himself president without winning is “subversive”.

“Museveni should be tried for treason. He came to power using guns and is holding onto office using the same guns. Museveni should be in court, charged with prison,” he stated.

Besigye believes a president is not what one call oneself but what people have determined.

“They [people] determined that I am their leader. People are defying. That is why they call me the people’s president. That is not lost on foreigners.”

The opposition leader believes Uganda is on the verge of change.

“I have never been as optimistic as I am today about the change that is coming. Whether I am here or not, change (which is always a constant) will come. You can palpate and feel the popular demand for change, anywhere you go in this country.”

He said the fate of the country is in the hands of Ugandans and that they shouldn’t expect salvation from abroad.

The solutions must be Ugandan, the things that have gone wrong in the last 30 years have happened under the watch of the international community, Besigye suggested.

“We are keen to work with these foreign friends of Uganda, provided they don’t undermine our own interests. International community is very concerned with the state of our politics, more so because we are in a very volatile region.”

Besigye then lashed at the outgoing Electoral Commission chairperson, Dr Badru Kiggundu, who he called “hired hands, hired to do the dictator’s work”.

“I have no qualms with him. Dr Kiggundu had a choice. He chose to support what is wrong. He did a great disservice by not taking a stand.”

Besigye hailed the deputy KCCA deputy director, Dr. Judith Tumusiime, who resigned.

“I am more proud of people who take position on what is right and wrong.”

Besigye said he also has concern with the way Chinese companies are working with the regime to invest in Uganda.

He alleged there is clear evidence that a lot of corruption has taken place between Chinese companies and the Ugandan regime.

“Uganda must have relations with a wide spectrum of people/nations but we need to ensure that those relations are positive.”

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