Besigye: Museveni is not grooming Muhoozi


Besigye in Kasese

FDC former president, Kizza Besigye, has told delegates in Mityana town that president Yoweri Museveni wants only to be replaced after he dies.

Besigye, speaking on Monday, said Museveni was not even grooming his son, Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba, the commander Special Forces Command to replace him.

In 2013, Gen David Sejusa authored a document saying Museveni was grooming his son to be president.

Government dismissed the allegation leading to Sejusa’s exile in United Kingdom.

“Museveni is not grooming his son to replace him,” Besigye pointed out contrary to the alleged Muhoozi project.

“The Museveni I know wants to be replaced only after he dies.”

Besigye said when he parted ways with Museveni in 1989, he was fired from government the next year, 1990, and sent be back to the army.

In the 1993, Lt. Col. Sserwanga Lwanga and Gen. David Sejusa, like Besigye also actively opposed Museveni to no avail.

The struggle

Speaking in Kasese over the weekend, asked opposition to put up a fight for Electoral Reforms as the only way of removing Museveni citing support from the International Community.

“You recently heard the Europena Union asking government to give genuine reforms. The same was echoed by US President, Barack Obama, in Addis Ababa.”

“Some of our leaders are fronting the NRM argument that there is no time for reforms. The Time table is not influenced by the law but by the politics. In 1985 there was supposed to be an election but the politics changed.”

Besigye said his task is to boost support, fight for reforms and prepare for election dismissing an earlier position to boycott elections.

“If you give me the flag, I will go and ask the Captain for Yellow to drop the whistle. Our colleagues are saying they can go to the election as they are without reforms. If so, what forces the dictator to give you reform. It’s like taking your neck to the slaughter house. This has been the Struggle I stand for.”

He said the struggle is about the 84% unemployed youth, about the 19 dying mothers daily, about the kids dying before their birth day and about the poverty of our people.

He said the 2016 election is a matter of life and death.

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