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Besigye, Museveni in poster defacement game


The curious picture


A picture of FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, pointing at defaced posters of himself and President Yoweri Museveni is still making rounds on social media.

The picture was taken last week while Besigye was campaigning in Nakapiripirit and Amudat districts.

The picture was first shared by the FDC 2016 campaign team on the party’s social media platforms and that of Besigye himself.

“They deface and cover our posters to deny us visibility in people’s eyes, we are thankful that we are in their hearts,” Besigye said while sharing the picture.

In the picture, Besigye seems to be touching a defaced poster of himself which has been covered by that of President Museveni.


FDC T-shirts

NRM social media enthusiasts did not waste time when they saw the picture.

They interpreted as a first-hand account of Besigye defacing the president’s poster.

“Someone tell @kizzabesigye1 of @FDCOfficial1 to stop tearing our posters,” Jonah L. Byarugaba, a staunch NRM supporter said in a tweet that captured reasonable attention.

Moses Atocon Atyekwo, a member of Besigye’s campaign team, almost fell into a rage when we talked to him over the matter.

“No,” he protested, “the Museveni people were destroying our posters by putting theirs on ours.”

This almost caused a social media frenzy although NRM supporters have been allegedly defacing posters of Amama Mbabazi without being reproached.

Is Besigye in people’s hearts?

Save for the mammoth crowds Besigye pulls wherever he goes on his campaign trail, Ugandans have also made it a point to shower the opposition candidate with gifts here and there.

Even before the start of the campaigns, people had started giving Besigye money for his fuel and other expenses.

While campaigning in Katakwi on Monday, residents created a single file line to welcome Dr Kizza Besigye.

They made him take a ride on donkeys.


“It’s like the story of Jesus grand entry into Jerusalem, while riding a donkey,” FDC handlers concluded.

As if that was not flattering enough, the youth in Katakwi chose to clean Besigye’s shoes as he discussed shared prosperity in Katakwi.

“Change is coming,” they chanted.

Byamugyisha Moses, an FDC youth activist, tells us that after Dr Besigye has become president, Ugandans will begin “walking with swagger” and putting on FDC’s new T-shirts.

Besigye says already his party has more capacity to run the government than Mr Museveni had when he took over power in 1986.

Besigye said with Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu, the FDC president who was army commander for almost 10 years, his government would be secure.

He said insecurity would not return to Karamoja if he is elected arguing that even the disarmament of warriors was mishandled.


Katakwi youth clean Besigye’s shoes

However, NRM’s Byarugaba termed this as “empty” rhetoric.

“The Karimojong were hostile to even their neighbours (read local neighbourhood) in the line of cattle rustling, internal conflicts due to availability of illegal guns. The population growth in Karamoja was evidently constant during their possession of guns as a person would kill another when they wish,” Byarugaba wrote.

Byarugaba said if Besigye can stand in front of Karimojongs “that hate him(consider the last polls) but not shot dead and he stammers that they should be given their guns back, won’t they shoot in the head?”.

“It is evident that Besigye is losing confidence in voters as recorded on different occasions saying “the donors will oust Museveni”. Can you imagine, he trusts not in votability but the power in guns from Westerners,” the NRM supporter concluded.

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