Besigye: Money, power belong to those with guns


Besigye addresses UK conference

Uganda opposition leader Kizza Besigye has described his wife as a strong reliable partner in the country’s political struggle.

Dr. Besigye was on Saturday speaking to Ugandans in diaspora at a gathering in London UK.

“Winnie Byanyima [his wife] was in Parliament before me. For the short time Winnie was away I was in prison 7 times.”

Besigye thanked the diaspora for working under difficult circumstances and are making all means possible to make Uganda better.

“It has been a long struggle. Many people are happy to celebrate when there is success. However, when there is no success many shy away. I would like to thank many of you for standing up and contributing as much as you have for our country including in the last elections.”

Besigye said opposition went into the last elections in rather a disorganised fashion.

“We went through turns and twists. Our opponent is an entrenched dictator as described. In the last election, we received alot of support from all of you in the diaspora.”

He asked people not to pity him saying he is one of the lucky ones who has not yet died while others died to save the country.

“It is an error to pity myself. Countries work and serve for those who have power. If you have no power, you will not be served. Unfortunately, in our country the bitter truth is that we live in a country where we have no power. Power belongs to very few people.”

Besigye said this has not just happened because of President Yoweri Museveni.

He said even Museveni found things that way and that it would take all Ugandans collectively to retrieve the power lost to the British with the force of arms.

“They came with gun powder. Some of our ancestors put a resistance. We ceased to be citizens of our villages but subjects of England. That situation has not changed till today. We are still under those with guns.”

He added: “This is why the gun is resident. To take away power from these guns you use guns. The control of the country of resources is in the hands of the very few that control those guns.”

Besigye said when he went to the bush with Winnie, they thought there could be bad and good guns.

“We have all realised that we were wrong. The control of guns is through a disciplined system of orders which come from the top.”

“When you hear people beaten on the streets you will hear that they were under orders and the control of guns is under one person from above.”

He said during war, the civil institutions, communities are further weakened because they are displaced–the social institutions, clan system break down—citing the case of Acholi where there was a break down of the community system.

“Once war has ended there is a community that is very weak and cannot check the powerful few that have the guns. Although in the war we thought that there were good and bad guns. Those fighting are also wanting to get the same title as those of the few.”

After revolutions, he continued, there are coups because people’s needs have not been met.

“We have power in a few hands and still in a few hands. Countries serve those who have power. If you have no power, your daughter goes to the bush to deliver yet those with power go to Germany.”

He said money and resources go to those who have power because they control decision making in the country.

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