Besigye: Mbabazi not part of TDA



FDC politician, Kizza Besigye, is confident that he cannot lose to former Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi, because he [Amama] is already fractured (injured).

Besigye was speaking in Fort Portal on the progress of the Democratic Alliance (TDA) whose work, he said, was in progress.

“JPAM is not part of TDA. He hasn’t signed anything with TDA.”

He continued: “Myself and the party are signatories to the TDA and therefore we must abide by the TDA resolution.”

TDA which brings together major opposition political parties accepted Mbabazi under NRM Pro-Change pressure group led by his sister in-law, Hope Mwesigye, but the two NRM members have not officially signed with the alliance.

Besigye told Tooro delegates that he had come so they can give him a flag to lead team blue into the playground.

“The good news is that team yellow is already fractured.”

The fractured, he said, include; former NRM Secretary General, Amama Mbabazi, former coordinator of intelligence services in UPDF, Gen David Sejusa and former Vice President, Prof Gilbert Bukenya.

“They are all players who have run away from the team yellow. They have gone with a number of other players. So it will be easy for us to win.”

The NRM is at its weakest

“The NRM is at its weakest,” Besigye said citing the fact that it [NRM] has constant attacks from JPAM, Prof. Bukenya and Gen. Sejusa.

“By the time we meet them, they will be at their weakest hence easy to defeat.”

He told Kasese delegates on Saturday that “if you have a tough situation, you must take tough decisions in order to face that tough situation.”

He said if his colleagues had listened in 2001, Uganda wouldn’t be in problems today.

“I told them Mr. Museveni was going to change the constitution! They said no no he cant! I told them again and again but they refused to agree with me.”

“I took a decision and left- later alone, I saw them coming to me regretting “you told us”- so they joined me in opposition.”

“If they had listened and joined me then, the constitution would not have changed and Museveni would be long gone.”

Speaking in Bukedi sub-region on Wednesday, Besigye said Museveni has weakened to the extent that it only requires a slight push to throw him out of power.

“President Museveni’s weakness is making him panic and he has started ring-fencing his top position by use of State machinery to muzzle his opponents. This man is now too weak and can be pushed out easily if we organise ourselves strongly.”

Besigye further told FDC delegates that everybody needs to know political capital accumulates.

“That’s a fact!”

He cited a situation where he has defeated Gen Muntu two times in an FDC free and fair elections.

“But it has not stopped him [Muntu] to come into this race again to contest for a third time. The first time he got 51 votes, second time he got 100 plus. He is now contesting for a third time, may be this time round he can get about 200 votes!”

Besigye then wondered how can any one say  he has lost 3 times to President Yoweri Museveni therefore he should not contest again?

He also accused Members of Parliament of betraying the masses by rejecting the electoral reforms that could bring sanity.

Asked by a delegate “what will be done if the citizens fail to fight for reforms?”, Besigye said: “Real failures in life are those who fear to fail.”

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