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Besigye: I’ve started the journey to State House


Besigye waving to supporters

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) President, Kizza Besigye, says he has little sympathy for Amama Mbabazi, a presidential contender who is being hounded by police and the ruling NRM government.

While appearing on the popular political talk show “Capital Gang” held on Capital Radio, Besigye said “those who are in the NRM attract very little sympathy from me – even Mbabazi” justifying his stand with the view that “NRM is not democratic”.

“The institutions of our state are institutions from our colonial state,” he emphasised, pointing out the police whose mentality he said has not changed ever since.

He accused Inspector General of Police, Kale Kayihura, of deliberately abusing his office and violating the law with the Public OM Act.


Crowds that welcomed Besigye yesterday to Kawempe

Referring to his and Mbabazi’s arrest, Besigye said they wrote to police about their meetings but were shocked to be blocked and arrested afterwards.

“We nevertheless wrote again to Police and they said all was alright. Only to wake up to find my home blocked.”

“Police say the notice they got was insufficient and they needed a letter from FDC Secretary General. The IGP was wrong to say that.”

He said even if one applies the law wrongly, it should be uniformly applied.

“The political process in our party has been on for 2 weeks and the Police have been involved at every stage.”


He added: “If you are in the habit of abusing my rights, I must get the habit to defend my rights.”

Beisgye said their collective position as opposition is not that “we shall pull out, but we must have elections after reforms”.

“It is our collective assertion that we must have reforms ahead of elections. It is not my personal view.”

He said the reason they went to the bush was because of an election.

“I never called for a boycott. I fight for a free election.”


While launching his campaigns for FDC presidential flag-bear bid at Kasangati Ssaza headquarters yesterday, Besigye said he will not leave politics until he defeats President Yoweri Museveni and restores power to the people.

Besigye said his mission is to deliver Ugandans from a dictatorship and has not yet achieved it.

“Ugandans are currently captives in their own country. The power was taken from us by the colonial masters just like the guns that were used to grab our power and are still being used to hold us to the ground to-date,” he pointed out.


Besigye addressing residents in Kasangati

He said people have been made to fear attending rallies because they end up getting arrested.

“I have just started my journey to State House. Those who think I will leave now before that happens, are mistaken.”

Besigye is today Wednesday expected to address other rallies in Entebbe.

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