Besigye in US, tells Museveni to leave office  


Besigye addressing Ugandans in UK over the weekend

Uganda opposition leader Kizza Besigye is in the United States of America ahead of his lecture on democracy in Africa.

Over the weekend, Besigye met Ugandans in London UK on the political struggle in Uganda.

From UK, he connected to the US, according to FDC sources, and is scheduled to speak to American audiences, Ugandans, and Diaspora Africans.

His first appearance is Thursday at the New York City Bar Association located 42 West 44 Street in Manhattan on Thursday, September 1, from 6PM to 7.30PM.

Besigye’s lecture titled “Fighting for Justice, the Rule of Law and Democracy in Africa: Lessons from Uganda” is open to the public.

Addressing Ugandans in diaspora on Saturday, Besigye said in the last election, opposition used less money while President Yoweri Museveni spent Shs800 billion having spent Shs2trillion in 2011.

“Museveni can say he is the legal president and people tell him no way you are not.”

“We have evidence. I told them in court to stop investigating I can tell you here that I won. If it is treason, you now have the evidence. If you win you form cabinet. I said this in court. We have evidence that we won by over 52%. We have all this evidence. We did not have the opportunity to go to court. The election is concluded when those who are not satisfied with the results petition.”

Besigye said Museveni was not validly elected and that he has no doubt that Museveni did not win.

“This is not something that we were surprised with. The population has remained defiant. Museveni now must close roads when he has a visitor as he now sees the public is the enemy. That is why you saw him run away from his car to make a telephone call. He cannot trust his own car.”

Besigye believes was legitimately elected and the struggle is to defend the people’s will.

He said Museveni has done everything to show that 2016 is done that people look to the gimmicks of 2021. Nothing will change in 2021.

“The whole talk of age limits is now focusing people on what happens in 2021. We do not care what his age is. He lost an election and he just have to get out of the office. Whatever his age is he must sort out from his village.”

Besigye asked his supporters not lose the momentum to assert the people’s will. Getting people to understand the need to understand what is at stake, organising and action, he said.

“This cannot be a partisan struggle. The divide is very clear. Those that want to regain their country and their institution and those who do not. You just have to choose which side of the divide you are. This is not the time to fly the colours. Let us all build one front.”

He added: “Once we have done that we will need to have a transitional process. Once we regain power over the country we must have a transitional process that deals with three things. We must have a constitutional review process.”

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