Besigye in Mbarara: We can either use arms or non-violence to defeat the dictator


Dr. Kiiza Besigye articulating the message to the FDC delegates in Mbarara

Former presidential candidate Dr. Kiiza Besigye has given a very touching speech on how to stay firm and kick dictatorship out of Uganda.

He was speaking during the party’s retreat workshop that is on going in Mbarara district in Western Uganda and hear is the articulative speech.

Many people are in this struggle for very different reasons. Its not surprising because this was the same case during the NRA war.

As some were fighting to bring democracy, others were fighting to come and grab Land Rovers and other properties. The reason I am struggling is that we must capture power from the minority armed people and return it to the majority.

How do we remove a Dictator? Which strategy and tactics must we use?

We are engaged in a protracted struggle to defeat and remove a military dictatorship. The dictator we are fighting is very brutal. So we must use both workable strategies and tactics to achieve our goals.

Strategically, we have two options. Either to use arms to defeat the dictatorship or to use non-violence. In 1981, we opted for a protracted People’s struggle. We picked up guns to fight a dictator. Now we must use non-violence struggle.

Both strategies are within our means but using guns is unlawful and sometimes attract severe sanctions including accusations of engaging in terrorism. Using non-violence means which we call defiance is absolutely legal. Where the dictator uses bad laws to criminalise our activities, we defy them. If I had come here to advise you how to use guns, they would come and arrest me.

Both strategies have consequences. You can be harmed or killed.

But our nonviolent strategy will get us to win.


So tactically, we must use tactics that a dictator will find difficult to neutralise. We must first realise that we need change and commit to achieve. Organise, coordinate and form cells similar to NRA Resistance Council to ease communication. Then recruit more members and always remember not to cooperate with the dictator.

We must reclaim our mandate the people of Uganda gave us during elections. We won and we must offer leadership to the People of Uganda.

True, elections are necessary but tactically, the dictator controls electoral processes to hold onto power. Even when we won, Mr. Museveni refused to surrender- he used guns to overthrow the will of the people.

We won by defiance and so we shall reclaim our win by defiance. Like slavery was defeated, we shall defeat the Museveni regime.

Once we reclaim our power, we shall transform this country.



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