Besigye: I’ll cut presidential powers after winning


When I come to Jinja when I am weak, I leave strengthened. Unfortunately Jinja is full of dust just like all the other parts of Uganda and the roads too are bad and thus we arrived late. I want to highlight what our campaign has been about in the 111 districts we have covered so far. Jinja by design was the 112th district on our program

We pledge to give Jinja its place in our country and history. We have a plan for Ugandan farmers to access the tractor at every subcounty in all our districts. We will invest in irrigation schemes across all regions, we will also invest in agricultural research to improve the sector for our farmers. 80% of our people are into agriculture, that is why our govt is to invest more in mechanized agriculture. Our government will make sure there is an insurance policy to cater for any eventualities for our farmers. We will invest in starting an agricultural bank that will help our farmers in accessing affordable loans.

We have a lot of money, the problem is not the lack of it, but mismanaging it. So our government is going to concentrate on efficiency. After 30 years all Ugandans are in abject poverty, when you get sick you dig deep in your pockets to survive. Many of you who strive through hard work, and pay heavy taxes are the ones giving me the little you have. We shall review taxation and make it progressive to allow you to invest and grow your businesses.

We want to have leaders who know when their term of office ends, we also want to reduce on the presidential power. We want all state Institutions to be accountable to the people; all the three arms of government should be accountable to the people.

To steal votes is stealing people’s power and authority. If they try to steal the ballot, we have to show up to let them know we have power. Those who attended Mr. Museveni’s rallies are ferried & given free Tshirts that were made by our money. But all over in blue here have them using their little money. Thank you. The difference between this struggle and other struggles in the past is that we are going to win it without guns.

We want to invest in education as well. Uganda used to be the leader in the region but now we are trailing our neighbours. We want our teacher lot be well paid. A primary teacher will walk home with 650000 every month and a secondary school teacher 1,000,000 shs. Our children will not go unfed again because our government will provide meals so that our children learn in a better environment. We shall invest in improving birth the structures and system of education.

Jinja as an industrial city will benefit heavily from our industrialization plan where government starts industries with you citizens as shareholders with a view to eventually having our people take over these industries.

We shall invest in our health system so that we benefit all Ugandans.  Our mothers will have a respectable maternity system for checkups, full mama kits and what we have called the maternity package that will take care of the mother and baby for a month after delivery.  We promise to put our resources in things that benefit Ugandans.

FDC Presidential candidate Kizza Besigye’s speech at a rally in Jinja town.

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