Besigye: Hyenas have held us captive for long


Besigye campaigning in Rakai on Saturday

FDC presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, spent Saturday canvassing for votes in Rakai district.

He met voters at Kakyeera, Gwamagwa, Rwenturegye areas and at Mutukura border with the same defiance message.

Besigye told voters that the 2016 election is not just an election but a liberation struggle.

Speaking in Kakyera- Rakai on Saturday, Besigye said: “It [2016] is not going to be business as usual.”

“This is a liberation struggle. It will not be business as usual, ghosts and hyenas have held the citizens captive for a long period.”

Speaking in Rukungiri, Besigye once more expressed fears that the Electoral Commission as is the case, will not announce the real results from the polls.

Addressing a rally in Kihiihi Kanungu district on Thursday, Besigye asked voters to take part and get involved in protecting their vote.

Yesterday, he was in Lyantonde district where he asked the electorate to fight together until they get their power back from “those few powerful individuals in government”.

“We are passionate about having an empowered citizenry that is capable of determining how they should be governed,” he said.

He wondered how 19 women can die every day in child birth and yet Ugandan women continue to chant “No Change”.

About 780 billion in lost in corruption and shoddy deals every year!!

Of the public service sector was cleaned of ghost teachers, ghost soldiers, ghost, ghosts, even there are dead ghosts being paid in the regime.

Power 10 (P10)

As a way of empowering the citizens, Besigye launched Power 10 (P10) approach where FDC supporters register in groups of 10 to network and protect their vote.

P 10, according to Besigye team, will be used to bring the supporters together to fight for their power.

Each 10 supporters will come together and register their names on a duplicate card.

One copy will go to the party and the group will retain another.

There will be a parish coordinator for all the groups.

The leader of each power 10 will ensure members go to vote and keep at the polling station.

“With P10, we shall rise at once. This time we know what they are doing, if they dare do what they have been doing we shall tell them that this time our vote is not going, we shall tell them what to do. Join P10 and be vigilant. This is not going to be like the past elections,” the team alerted members.

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