Besigye, FDC are hypocrites with no love for Uganda- Rwomushana


Former government spy Mr Charles Rwomushana has hit out at Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) members labeling them hypocrites with selfish interests.

Rwomushana was commenting about the current cat and mouse games between FDC presidential candidate and the police, with the later failing the former from heading out to the public, let alone organize a peaceful procession to the electoral commission.

In his submission, Rwomushana lashed out at Besigye and FDC cohorts for claiming he is fighting the elections were fraudulent yet the respective MPs voting on the party ticket are warming up to take positions in parliament.

In his view, he wondered why those who vehemently claim the elections were fraudulent do not give up their parliamentary seats. In very detailed rumblings,

Rwomushana said,

The legitimization of Mr Museveni by the Besigye cult is now complete.

Calling for the resurgence of walk to work like campaign is in the words of Amama Mbabazi to “have more of the same.”

There is no way you would announce storming the Electoral commission 12 hours in advance save if you are Mr Kale Kayihura agent.

Ground that would have been the centre of resistance are in jubilation because the NRA occupation force allowed them constituencies, they cannot eat and have their cake at the same time.

Mr Kiyonga won a UPM seat in 1980 but declined to enter parliament and take his seat.

I tell you none of these FDC people would shun parliament in favour of a peoples’ protracted struggle None.

Mr Ziritwawura did and resigned parliament in protest against Mr Museveni rule without elections.

Why do you accept to be in the house out of an election that was a fraud?

And I concede this election was a fraud but why does one seeking to liberate a country benefit from a fraud against the people of Uganda? That is treason. That is treachery.

Some friends argue we should push for the reversal of the result granted.

From the FDC tally system what result did Mr Besigye get?

Reject the view that police action on FDC office is the hindrance. This could be coordinated from any secret place. It need not be around Mr Besigye, Ingrid and Mr Muntu.

In a Liberation struggle its pertinent comrades criticize self. We must do internal audit to assess own weaknesses.

You sang Toowa…remove bus yaako…your bus and now he has brought Mamba… Rhetoric that you vote and leave the rest to me was empty… You don’t defy by compliance. It’s a contradiction. It’s counter revolutionary.

We reject the occupation force whether it organises free and fair elections or not. Whether it feeds well or not.

This shall be done through mass awareness and education. We will mobilse and organise the masses and the struggle shall be protracted. The masses are potentially strong but in reality are weak .

We cannot manage any engagements of quick decision. We must build capacity.

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