Besigye calls for raids, occupation of parliament, mass demos

Besigye and Winnie in London over the weekend

Besigye and Winnie in London over the weekend

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye says in Uganda “the dictator controls all decision making” and cannot be expected to organise an election to remove him.

While addressing Ugandans in diaspora over the weekend, Besigye said the majority of the people in Uganda must themselves know that they do not have the power.

“Some of them do not know this. When slave trade was being abolished some slaves resisted. Our people have lived with out power for generations now. They think indeed that a leader is their master.”

“You see them kneeling and clapping…wangala..because he has given them something. Now people treat President Yoweri Museveni as a giver.”

Besigye said Museveni did not have any property and no money, adding that all the money he has is from those kneeling before him, clapping.

“When he gives they feel so blessed. We need to deal with the people’s understanding of the powerlessness, do not complain that you do not have jobs because you will never get it because you do not have power.”


What guarantees good governance is the knowledge and assertiveness of the people, he argued.

Besigye said leaders are servants and not masters.

“We must change. If you hire Besigye you are hiring a servant. If he does not serve, you fire him. Museveni says that the ministers are the problem. That is where it starts, recovering our minds and gaining control of our institutions. We must have people’s institutions.”

The second thing is to organise, he noted, adding that people use guns to take on governments because they are organised.

“When we were in the bush we were very few. Our strength was not the guns but the people. People would not talk. If Lutamaguzi had said Museveni was under my hut, history would have been different.”

The late Eldard Medard Lutamaguzi, was the Luweero peasant who played a key role in President Museveni’s survival during the 1980.

Besigye said when they were in the bush, they had local councils.

“The LC1 knows who is who on the village. We need to organise for actions. Organise to struggle. The dictator will not go without a push. That is why we said that we shall win by defiance. We won convincingly.”

He said it was the same style they used to win everything in Kasese.

People remained at the polls until the results were fully announced.

“You can only win by defiance. This is where everybody comes in. It is a struggle like that in the bush. It has dangers. People are going to be killed. This time you are not the one using violence. It is so powerful. You have seen traders in Kampala close their shops, they become cautious that they cannot fight this.”


He said such actions can easily put government on its knees without even resorting to violence.

He called for demonstrations, taking active dissatisfaction through marches and non-cooperative demonstrations saying it is the people who give power to any leader.

“If I said please stand up and you do not then it means I have no power. Obedience is the source of power we give. You can withhold it. You can refuse to cooperate. If we all say let’s not take any more food to Kampala. What will happen? Can he [Museveni] last a week?”

Besigye also criticised Museveni for dismissing health workers and bringing in soldiers.

Raids, occupation

Besigye suggested raids and occupation of critical government installations like parliament.

“If it is what people want, we can invite everyone then we can invite everyone to all come and occupy Parliament.”

He said parliament is a representative organ and if it is not representing people, they can occupy it and represent themselves.

“I can assure that well organised struggle can never fail. More critically, if we organise this time and make sure that those with guns realise that their guns are nothing then nobody will ever again use guns to dominate us. They will become subordinates of people.”

He said the Commander in Chief does not need to be a soldier because the command is of the people.

“Now you can see that whenever Museveni is in trouble he puts on his uniform and very soon we shall show him that his uniform is worthless in terms of controlling power.”

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