Besigye aide Byamugisha loses job over defiance


Moses Byamugisha

Dr Kizza Besigye’s aide Mr Moses Byamugisha who has been working in the Office of the Leader of Opposition (LOP) recently lost his job at parliament immediately Hon Winnie Kiiza assumed office.

When FDC party was engaged in the controversial negotiations of whether or not to appoint the leadership of the opposition in parliament, Mr Byamugisha through his various social media platforms published an article which was also carried on our online website (http://www.theinsider.ug/video-implication-of-swearing-in-besigye-as-president/).

After elections, Besigye was put under house arrest for over 40 days denying the FDC party an opportunity to challenge the results in the time provided for by the consitution.

The party went ahead to swear-in Dr Besigye as the legitimately elected president of Uganda.

Byamugisha and others were therefore protesting the appointment of leader of opposition because this was being done even before the campaign of defiance could be concluded.

The article urged the FDC leadership not to appoint the Leader of Opposition, reasoning that Besigye’s victory was simply robbed in what Byamugisha calls a “coup d’état”.

“It cannot be the same FDC party therefore that should be appointing the Leadership of the Opposition in parliament,” he wrote.

Notwithstanding Byamugisha’s call for no appointment of Lop, FDC party eventually announced the new leaders.

Byamugisha sacked

After taking her office, Kiiza’s first assignment was to terminated Byamugisha’s contract.

In a letter, she asked the aide to hand over office as the office was no longer in need of his services.

Mr Byamugisha begun working in this office in 2013 under then LoP Hon Nandala Mafabi.

Mafabi who is considered a close confidant of Besigye and was maintained in office even under Hon Wafula Oguttu, another outspoken supporter of Besigye.

These officials have also been left out of FDC party president, Mugisha Muntu’s new shadow cabinet.

Hon Kiiza strongly supported Muntu against Dr Besigye in the last FDC presidential flag bearer elections.

It therefore could be possible that Mr Byamugisha is being sacrificed for his unwavering support and love for Dr Besigye.

In the last FDC party presidential flag bearer elections, Mr Byamugisha picked nominations to run for president but was not allowed to be nominated due to the age limit.

He was 33 years and yet an aspirant was required to be 35 years to be eligible to contest.

Although he had already traversed the majority districts of Uganda conversing for support especially among FDC young delegates, his dream could not come to pass.

He is, however, believed to be planning to contest for FDC party President when Gen Muntu’s term expires in 2017.

Byamugisha will be making 35 years next year on 28th May 2017 way before Muntu’s term of office expires.

This puts the young politician in a good position to present his candidature since he will now have all qualifications.
Double sacrifice

Byamugisha became so popular during the Walk-to-Work protests where he has brutally arrested while walking with Dr Besigye.

He was taken to Luzira prison where he spent a good number of days before being released on bail.

He was also very active in organising protests that demanded to know the whereabouts of Mugumya Sam after he went missing in the hands of the security agencies.

This is not the first time Byamugisha is losing an office over his close relationship with Dr Besigye and what some people consider his radical approach to issues.

In 2009, while he was a Law student at Uganda Christian University(UCU), he won a guild presidential race with a landslide and the institution’s electoral commission announced him the next guild president.

But when the university administration got the news that the winner was a “son of Besigye”, the results were cancelled and fresh elections arranged where Byamugisha Moses was barred from contesting again.

He had the previous year organised Dr Besigye’s first ever visit to this university where Besigye was welcomed by thousands of excited students, something that angered the administration.

He was only later voted as President Law society a position he held until he left campus.

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