Bantariza: Besigye plotting insurrection to seize power 


Besigye stops to greet a woman on his way to High Court today

Deputy government spokesperson Col Shaban Bantairiza has described opposition leader Kizza Besigye as a nuisance for putting the country on tenterhooks.

Appearing on NBS TV Morning Breeze Tuesday, Bantariza maintained that there can’t be democracy without security.

“It becomes a nuisance that all the time, some people are putting the country on tenterhooks.”

He added: “Our politics is shaped by security. You can’t separate the two.”

He said for the same reason, it is hard to hold elections in Somalia which is plagued by Al Shabaab terrorist militants.

According to Bantariza, Besigye is no longer the leader of opposition in Uganda.

“No he is not. Political parties have leaders. Mugisha Muntu is FDC’s.”

He says Besigye only wants to cause an insurrection in a bid to shift power.

“That causes the state to be interested. Why are we talking about Besigye, not FDC and its structures?”

He said currently, Besigye is merely a senior member of FDC.

Bantariza agrees people getting hyped over Besigye’s return is natural and normal.

“The media also hyped Amama Mbabazi’s political debut. A section of the opposition still hold Besigye as their leader. They have a right to do so as long as it’s lawful.”

The retired colonel says Besigye’s defiance is not an end but a means to achieve something.

“Besigye wants to capture power. How? He doesn’t say.

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